Fairly new employee with some questions.

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    Hey everyone, new user here, but have been a PT Loader since early April. I just have a few questions about the job/UPS.

    1) How hectic does peak season get as a loader? (I work the 11pm-4am shift)
    2) Does UPS hire "seasonal" loaders during peak season?
    3) When will I be able to change shifts? (The midnight shift is gonna be brutal for me when I start back up at college in the fall, so I want to change to an earlier shift)
    4) How hard is it to get fired even after being in the union? (A fellow co-worker has showed up drunk, spilled beer in a load, among other things and was never fired, just sent home)

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    I don't have anything useful to add to this thread, but that's friggin' funny.
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    Originally Posted by matt90
    A fellow co-worker has ... spilled beer in a load ...

    Better than his load in his beer!

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    Pretty hectic my dude. Just thinking about it already makes me feel depressed. Once you get union, its hard to get fired unless you do some stupid chit. My co worker was a no show yesterday because he didn't feel like working since it was monday, nothing happened to him at all lol
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    It's my birthday Friday and I plan on working.
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    Peak is only a month long and really only 2 real bad weeks. Truth is most of us really appreciate the extra pay around Christmas.
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    My center started taking on helpers around the start of November last year.

    As for volume, peak started in September.
  8. I guess it depends where your at. I'm in Cincinnati and peak is by far the easiest time of the year. Instead of them trying to crunch all the flow into a four hour span you get slower flow and more time to do it during peak, I work around 30 hours a week during peak but I could get upward of 55 hours if I decided to double shift everyday. If your in the Union your not getting fired for real unless you do something ridiculous like steal something or hit another employee. You might get fired for something else but the union would get your job back within 2-3 weeks.
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    I agree with this. The trucks I load are packed front to back no matter what time of year. During peak, instead of 4.5 hours, I get 6 hours to put just about the same amount of pieces in. The extra time makes it easier, plus the overtime is a nice bonus.
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    Section 4.
    [. . .]
    "The Employer will fill all vacancies and permanent new jobs for part-time employees from the part-time selection list in all months except November and December.

    Part-time employees with six (6) months or more seniority shall have the right to place their name on the list of employees waiting to be moved to a preferred job within their building. Such preferred jobs shall include, but not be limited to: Preload, Sorter, Clerical, Irregular Train, Designated Responder, Carwasher, Loader and Unloader. Employees do not have the right to select any specific unit, load or workstation unless a prior past practice has been established.

    Part-time employees with less than six (6) months seniority shall have the right to bid a preferred job prior to the Employer hiring from off-the-street.

    A maximum of twenty-five percent (25%) of the employees on a shift shall be allowed to change shifts in any one (1) calendar year. The employee obtaining the new position shall remain on that shift for at least six (6) months."
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    Good to know, thanks JonFrum.
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    What if they don't have any preferred jobs. Mean everyone gets the dollar to start. I was in a building that everyone start with the dollar there where no preferred jobs you did the job they told you to do...
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    If you want to know what peak at UPS is like, watch the comical episode of I Love Lucy, where Lucy and her friend are put to work in a candy factory. They are supposed to take pieces of candy off of a conveyor belt and put them into boxes. At first, they do quite well. Very soon though, the candy was coming faster than they could handle, and it really does resemble UPS at peak.
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