Fake bomb on UPS

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by toonertoo, Mar 30, 2011.

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    Never saw it coming ...

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    Let me guess, they cut those hours too.

    The handwriting is on the wall, something will is bound to happen
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    This isn't really a huge surprise, since I see very little in the way of enhanced security measures on our part over here at FedEx. If the terrorists are "testing" our security, it's obvious that we are failing. When I visit our local (large) ramp, nobody is doing anything but humping freight as fast as they can, which is business as usual. I strongly suspect that it's the same over at UPS. It would be expensive to take proper precautions, and I doubt that anything will happen until the bad guys succeed and bring down an aircraft. Then, everyone suddenly gets involved and pointing fingers.

    I've never seen airport police, TSA, Customs, or any other agency on the premises checking outbound packages. Nor have I seen FedEx security personnel checking on anything. That isn't very reassuring, and my opinion is that profit is much more important than safety. Lots of talk, but no action.

    I, or anyone else, could easily get a dangerous item through the FedEx system very easily, and completely undetected. It's probably just as easy over at UPS.
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    I can't testify with any authority as to UPS' procedures at the airport. The two times I have been there in the a.m. I had to get a temp pass to enter the gates, not very secure if you ask me. The few times I missed the air time at the building I would have to go out there and have someone come to the gate to get the out bound packages.
    UPS' security pushes involves them telling us everyday for a week to keep our trucks secured. Oh and remind us that TSA roaming around looking ofr drivers with open bulk head doors.
    Made me feel all safe and warm.
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    Good one, at first glance I thought* is that what they are calling a suspicious package?* LOL
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    I'm sure I'm missing something here. Security systems designed to detect bombs failed to detect something that wasn't a bomb.
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    My question is, just what are the security systems designed to detect bombs? If it is simply looking for a label that reads " Bomb Inside", it's understandable this was missed. Likewise, if they are just checking for explosives. But, if they are looking for other things, why didn't they detect the timer, wires and detonator?