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    I have a question for the board. We have a driver in our center that is working thru his lunch and is that a reason to be fired? On Monday the driver was done early and wanted to go home because he works thru his lunch and I had to make some of his pickups and miss my sons soccer game. I don't really want my fellow driver to get fired, but I am sick of doing his work since he breaks the rules and gets to go home early.
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    take it up with your union rep first and try to work it out that way, good luck he is putting you in a bad predicament. look out for number 1 you like seeing your family also.
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    I suggest that you, the driver in question and your shop steward sit down to discuss this situation without involving management. This is not fair to you. To answer your question, by entering a lunch in the DIAD and then working through it he is falsifying records. Ask your shop steward to get copies of the delivery records for that driver with any work done during his meal period highlighted and to bring these to the meeting. If this does not resolve the issue then you will need to involve your mgt team.

    Will they fire him? No--he is making them look good--but what he is doing is not fair to you or to his cover drivers.
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    Send a message in that you'll drop him 10 stops, so he won't have any down time before his pickups.
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    All you have to do is say no you'll be over 10 and miss air car you have a route do your job end of story
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    That's what I'm talking about. That should nip it in the bud. Nip it!
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    If an employee is falsifying his records regarding lunch time then the employee should change, or be fired.

    A reputable union official should support the firing of an employee who is hurting the union way.

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    Had a similar situation when I drove. I was consistently given a "split" off a neighboring driver. I had to break off my route to go do his work, and many times I would meet him traveling home while I still had his work and my work to complete. Complained to everyone imaginable with zero results. He was a "bonus" driver so..........
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    Integrity you seem kinda angry lately maybe it's time to cut loose and step away from the brown cafe for a breather.
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    Trying to bring integrity back to UPS is a heavy load. It's taking its toll on him!
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    I totally understand where you are coming from because we are having the same problems here. Will he be fired? Definitely not because he is working for free for an hour which is what UPS wants and its the very reason management forces you to record an hour lunch. They are betting a certain % of drivers will put it in and not take it.

    However, here they will make exceptions and let you code 5 if you ask in advance and don't abuse it. For instance, if you want to see your kids soccer game they might let you skip lunch on a limited basis. If the center manager didn't make exceptions like this on a limited basis the shop steward is going to instruct the entire center they need to shut it down between the 4th and 5th hour per the contract.

    I understand people won't like this, but if everyone did it they would have to add routes and it would cause major problems for the dispatch. Its for this reason I think UPS should not be firm on the lunch issue because it will come back to bite them in a very bad way. Just think of 100% business routes. If you start at 835 lunch must be started between 1235 and 1335. You can't deliver between 1200 and 1300 because its other people's lunch and the packages will show as missed if they are closed. So if pick-ups start at 1430-1500, it doesn't leave a lot of time after your airs to deliver the route.

    Why would UPS make this bed to sleep in? In this example, the hour lunch taken between the 4th and 5th greatly benefits the driver. Its the 180 stop residential route that the hour lunch hurts the driver in my opinion. Why sit out there for an extra hour when you don't have any pick-up comitments? Its this driver who is going to get tired of sitting there for an hour doing nothing day after day, week after week. Its this driver that will bend and give his lunch time to UPS.

    At least thats how I see it.
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    So you see it too??
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    I have no anger in my heart for any person.

    Please show me my angry words in my posts and I will try to choose my words more carefully.

    Behavior that is good does not have to be rationalized.

    Behavior that is right does not have to be justified.

    Please don't mistake the harsh truth with anger.

    I am truly sorry if I have given this impression. Please forgive me.

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    Here, they encourage drivers in the above situation to simply take their lunch later. Like after pickups or even after completely finishing their day at some mini mart on the way back to the center. Is it right? No. Is skipping your lunch right? No. Their rules and their decision upon which ones to enforce and which to ignore make it what it is. When left with a bad choice and a worse one most will choose the bad one first.
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    who told you to make his pickups?
    You should have an honest conversation with that person.
    you should have an honest locker room conversation with the runner whose life is more important to him than yours.
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    Sat, while I understand where your heart lies, how do you figure any of this is up to you to handle? And what would confronting one of these selfish drivers accomplish by whining to him about your life? He has already shown he could care less.

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    I've read all the advise to date on this issue and can say without hesitation that this post was exactly the right way to handle it.
    It's for posts like this that have brought me to the realization that Dave is no longer worthy of being beaten by my drum stick.
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    Because it sounds as though the driver running and gunning back to the bldg at 5pm is getting preferential treatment. I thought the union enforces fair and equal treatment?

    The question to ask is (forgive me if it has been asked)... does this happen regularly, or was it a one -time thing?

    An 8 hr request with a Code 5 is acceptable...however regularly, that should not be and I would definitely speak up.

    To OP: I would inform your center team that if you're going to cover the pickups regularly, just add them to your route and remove from his/hers and be done with it. When that driver no longer makes 8 hours every day they will be b**ching for the pickups and OT back. UPS'ers always want what they cannot have.

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    I could care less if a driver runs and guns his route and gets done early. It is wrong when it happens and other people have to clean up the leftover pieces. I also get sent a message to get a letterbox at 6pm because the cover guy runs a route and gets out at 5pm. Your only out is complaining to the driver sup.

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    everyone hear has enough of their own work let alone do someone else s pick ups. If you were done here that early, your probably going to help someone else. We should never try to get anyone fired, that's the companys job. They know what's going on. They know a lot. Put in for 8 hr days when u need to be off.