Family honors Florida UPS driver slain in police shootout

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    Family honors Florida UPS driver slain in police shootout - ABC

    Family and friends honored on Monday a UPS driver who was killed in a shootout between Florida police and the robbery suspects who had hijacked his delivery truck.

    Loved ones filed by Frank Ordonez's open casket at a Miami funeral home to pay respects to the 27-year-old driver. Some UPS employees showed up in the brown company uniform to express condolences to Ordonez's family. Other UPS drivers pulled their delivery trucks over beside the road to observe a minute of silence for their coworker, according to the union Teamsters Local 769.

    On Sunday night at a UPS Customer Center, relatives and friends gathered for a vigil, lit candles and wrote messages on UPS slips they stuck to a car. UPS workers abroad have also joined in to express support— one group from London tweeted a photo showing uniformed workers holding up letters that together spelled #ONE UPS and RIP Frank Ordonez.