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Discussion in 'Sports' started by 705red, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. 705red

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    I have never tried fantasy beaseball and was wondering if anyone else is interested in joining. Pm me your emails, we do need 10 teams in order to play, and the draft would have to be done this weekend.
  2. Bad Gas!

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    I have 10 yahoo teams already...But I could set up a league if you want..
  3. 705red

    705red Browncafe Steward

    Sure i would love to play. I did register with espn yesterday and did my first ever draft. Not sure how it all plays out, but im willing to learn.

    Hows my team?
    Jorge Posada
    , NYY C

    PP--------------------1BMiguel Cabrera
    , Det 1B

    --PP------------------2BIan Kinsler
    , Tex 2B DTD

    ----PP----------------3BAramis Ramirez
    , ChC 3B

    ------PP--------------SSRafael Furcal
    , LAD SS

    --------PP------------2B/SSMiguel Tejada
    , Hou SS

    --------PP------------1B/3BMark Reynolds
    , Ari 3B

    ------PP--------------OFJosh Hamilton
    , Tex OF

    ------------PPX------OFCurtis Granderson
    , Det OF

    ------------PP--------OFHunter Pence
    , Hou OF

    --------------PP------OFRaul Ibanez
    , Phi OF

    8:00 PM

    ----------PP----------OFMilton Bradley
    , ChC OF, DH

    --------------PPX----UTILJorge Cantu
    , Fla 1B, 3B

    --X--PP--------------BenchHank Blalock
    , Tex 1B, 3B

    , Min RP

    --------------------PPPB.J. Ryan
    , Tor RP

    --------------------PPPAdam Wainwright
    , StL SP

    ------------------PP--PDerek Lowe
    , Atl SP PP

    8:00 PM

    ------------------PP--PJavier Vazquez
    , Atl SP

    8:00 PM

    ------------------PP--PErvin Santana
    , LAA SP DTD

    ------------------PP--PTroy Percival
    , TB RP

    --------------------PPPMike Gonzalez
    , Atl RP

    8:00 PM

    --------------------PPPScott Downs
    , Tor RP

    --------------------PPBenchJason Motte
    , StL RP

    --------------------PPBenchKelvim Escobar
    , LAA SP D