FBI and DOJ Report for UPS/FedEx Pilots Flying out of Memphis

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    I received a suggestion to post this under FedEx Discussions. This is a report I prepared and sent to the Department of Justice and FBI in Washington. It provides details about:

    • The damaged Hurricane Creek tunnel beneath Runway 9/27 at Memphis International Airport
    • The corruption taking place between FedEx, the FAA and the Memphis Airport Authority
    • The FAA's falsified inspection reports
    • Insight into the UPS plane crash in Dubai that killed two UPS pilots
    • FedEx's partnership with the government as a spy organization (Wall Street Journal)
    • Details about FedEx CEO Fred Smith's two cases of manslaughter

    This report is 292 pages and available to read online or to download as an Adobe pdf. The report is free and may be copied and distributed.

    Guy Cobb
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    Many thanks, Guy

    looks like I've got a whole lotta readin' to do!
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    Me too.
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    Wow, not surprised at all that FedEx would do this. Best of luck to you, but from what I read no one is on your side.
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    Where's the cliffs notes version?
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    Fred will tell you the version you are to believe.
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    Believe me, I will read it. I will be especially interested in the corruption and Fred's 2 cases of manslaughter, which have previously been mentioned on this site. FWS is one smarmy character.
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    I haven't read this yet, but I assure you that FedEx Legal will try and get it off this site ASAP.
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    I hope they run into all sorts of hassles doing so.
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    How would they do that?
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    They could harass Cheryl and this site. They don't want stuff like this spread around.
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    Its hosted on this guys website, not BC.
    If anyone is going to be harassed, it will be his service provider.
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    Cheryl, has anything like this ever happened?
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    This documentation is about as solid as the 9/11 conspiracy theory "documentaries" that were all over the web and/or Youtube at various points.

    I've skimmed it. Much of it consists of emails and documents with no accompanying explanation and in no cogent order.

    He says that a runway is damaged. Then he says that it was repaired. Then he says there was no justification for it to be repaired. Then he goes back to being upset about it being damaged.

    The "facts" about the 2 manslaughter cases are that he can't find any information about them. Seriously, that's it.

    To give you an idea of how tight this guy's findings are, he repeats the story that Smith went to Vegas and won a bunch of money that kept the company afloat for another week -- a story that Smith says never happened.

    He accuses Memphis airport workers of sabotaging his Jeep.

    Everyone, and I mean everyone, is part of a great cover-up. FedEx, the Memphis airport people, the Memphis city government, the Shelby County government, the Tennessee state government, the NTSB, the DOJ, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the FAA, the DOT, OSHA, the Dept of Labor, at least 2 independent engineering firms, and others. As a lawyer acquaintance has pointed out to a person similar to Cobb, "So everyone's against you? Everyone is lying? The legal system refuses to do anything? What the hell do you think I can do under those circumstances??? I guess you're completely screwed. Have a nice day."

    He emails allegations to people and then cites those emails as proof that the allegations are true.

    Operatives from FedEx and the federal government visited his site at the same time and discussed it on the phone. No, really!

    Operatives from FedEx have been sent to discredit him on message boards. No, really! As though his hodgepodge of a case couldn't do that on its own.

    FedEx faked a call to the hotline and accused him of misuse of his employee shipping discount.

    Read or browse through it yourself, if inclined. Email your friends the links to his site. Everyone needs to see this. Especially those who need a good laugh.
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    strange, I can't remember what program it was, but I know I saw FWS on TV telling the last-ditch Vegas gambling story himself. But then he says it never happened....odd. I'm pretty certain I wasn't dreaming. I'm sure all the reports of his vehicle "preventables" are all made up too. A vast conspiracy to discredit a great and benevolent man. Pitiful
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    you came up with all this from skimming???
  17. 59 Dano

    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    Oh, he went to Vegas and won money, that much is true. The money was used for the company, that much is true, too. The rest of the story has taken on a life of its own.

    He had been meeting with people and trying to get them to invest in the company, but hadn't been having much luck. The trip to Vegas was an impulsive idea that came to FWS and whoever was with him while waiting for their flight to somewhere else at an airport. They went, they did well.

    Was it a last-ditch effort to save the company, as legend has it? Ostensibly. Would the company have ceased operations without the big win? Very unlikely. According to FWS, "The $27,000 wasn't decisive, but it was an omen that things would get better."
  18. 59 Dano

    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    Yes. Skimming 292 pages, I came up with "all that." What's listed above came from 20 or 30 pages that warranted a more proper reading, mainly because there was some included background and commentary about the contents. Most of it was him emailing whoever would listen with a crazy allegation, them responding with explanations as to why he's out of his mind and the lawsuits that he files and loses. Seriously, EVERYONE shoots him down.

    I'm sure there's plenty more comedy gold in that report if anyone wants to take up the challenge of wading through it all.
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    I still have a hard time understanding how building 7 fell legitimately. Some roll their eyes at me... but it makes no sense that it fell in any manner let alone a total complete fall.

    That said... I have propsed a new theory recent'ish that one of the reasons companies don't hire more and in fact continue to layoff, is because after review it is deemed the employee is the biggest threat to the company (right or wrong, but it is dollars dolled out by the company), here is another example of that.
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    dano how often do you change your knee pads and you must have lock jaw by now.