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  1. airbusfxr

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    Just read that FDX laid off 1k with 500 @ MEM, mostly MGT. NO PILOTS, MECHANICS, or PACKAGE HANDLERS. Will FDX close above UPS on Monday?
  2. Monkey Butt

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    Posted by Cheryl on Friday in FedEx News
    FedEx begins layoffs to cut operating costs - Yahoo
    FedEx Corp. has laid off 1,000 employees to meet job cuts the package delivery company announced were coming after third-quarter earnings dropped 75 percent.

    FedEx said Friday that half of the laid off workers were employed in Memphis, where the corporation and its largest operating unit, FedEx Express, are headquartered.

    FedEx beta is higher than UPS so it is expected that as stock prices go up, FedEx will go up faster than UPS ... so if not Monday, it is almost inevitable.
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    A Fedex driver told me that they can't be laid off. they may go out with less stops, but they will work daily. The one driver I talk to when I do a rural route says that in the mornings lately he goes from driver to driver looking for stops. (Wouldn't that be a novelty at UPS?) One day he had one stop for the area that I had 35. Of course my load was both air and ground. (And of course I had 35 other stops to do in the city before I hit my rural area. Can't go out with just 35 stops now, can we?)

    I don't wish layoffs on anyone, competitor or not. :peaceful:
  4. Dizzee

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    I thought FedEx had an "unofficial" no-layoff policy, but, it's not like they work under a contract that can enforce that.

    The FedEx driver on my route said they had a meeting a couple of weeks ago, where they discussed the possibility of pay cuts for hourlys in the near future.
  5. drewed

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    As it was said, these layoffs were administrative employees
  6. Braveheart

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    I know a few UPS managers they could lay off.
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    Is that an express driver? Ground drivers are paid by the stop / package anyway.

    Express will certainly be affected one way or another. Here is a quote:

    The biggest part of the cost cuts will come in FedEx Express, according to Dave Bronczek, the unit's chief executive.

    "(Express) is all around the world...Asia, Europe, here in the United States. So we have a lot of levers to pull - We have a lot of initiatives under way, and we are moving forward on all of those initiatives, he said."
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    Drew, sometimes you seem to be a little too smug for someone with as little life experience that you have. Patience, young Jedi, patience.
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    Why must more negativity about UPS and management be brought into a situation that really was dealing with FDX and their misfortune? Never wish onto someone else because it could happen to you.
  10. Dizzee

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    Yes, it was an express driver.
  11. drewed

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    Im glad im not the only one that saw the ignorance in Bravehearts statement
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    Well it didn't happen Monday..FedEx went down much more than UPS..

    beta that!! lol:happy-very:
  13. Monkey Butt

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    Higher beta means it goes down more (as in today and the recent past) or up more (as in the past).
  14. brownmonster

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    Not a good time to have the job title "Non-Essential Personnel".
  15. Coldworld

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    fedex do not cut out routes as crazy as ups. Fedex will tell a driver to take an extra 30 minutes for lunch rather than cut out a whole car, which is harder for them to do considering they have more 1030 stops than ups. They seem to be more in tune to customers needs, but maybe mrfedex can shed some light on that.I dont see them running around like chickens with their heads cut off, or at pickups seem so production driven...which isnt always such a bad thing. I have asked if their mgt follows them around, and they say no, only if there is a driver who might be stealing packages, but overall their management trusts them unless there is something that throws up a red flag.
  16. Brown287

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    When you say that Fed-Ex does not lay employees but instead cut thier hours, is that really the better decision. Maybe in the past "No Lay-Offs" was thier motto, but due to todays economic condition, now even that may not be the right choice. Todays economy is to easilly turning to under employed employees. They dont make enough to survive and they dont quallify for unemployment. However in todays economy maybe even screwing the employees that way is not good enough for Fed-Ex any longer. All the more reason that Fred Smith needs the fear of unionizing to srtaighten himself up.
  17. MrFedEx

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    A "no layoff" policy does not exist at FedEx Express, and hourlies can, and probably will be laid-off in the near future. FedEx management has always heavily sold the no layoff provision of the PSP philosophy, which is supposedly a guiding principle (ha-ha) and not policy. Upper management has made it very clear lately that there is a distinction between the two. Most of us feel that the only reason they have not already let drivers go is the impending end of the RLA (Express Carrier) exemption and the EFCA.