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    Fdx will be reporting their numbers this week. I keep hearing how good they are at spinning their numbers. If anyone can point out the "spin" when their numbers come out I would appreciate any posts that would help me learn what to look for regarding spin. I would assume that spin indicates that there is some superflous heferdust used to accentuate the positve and hide the negative. I look forward to all you bean counters giving me a hand.
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    "superfluous heferdust"....that's GOOD! I like that.[​IMG]
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    Although FEDEX numbers are an indication to investors of how FEDEX may be doing, how they bode for the future of our UPS investment is another thing. FEDEX and UPS have differing business models and strategies, and certainly FEDEX lives in their public profile while UPS eskews (sic) it.

    The job of all UPSrs is to get and retain business, focus on excellence in everything we do, and take care of our customers. They will take care of us.

    All you retirees, the current team is as dedicated as you guys, I hope we live up to the example we've been given.

    FEDEX numbers are just a whisper in the night, we need to focus on our own.

    Go UPS!
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    I don't know if anyone has remarked about this before, but I like your style. No matter what kind of comment you have about UPS, be it good, bad or indifferent, you always end it with "Go UPS".

    If UPS were Bartles & James, they'd be saying "Thanks for your support." [​IMG]
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    Here's a little something I've found:


    FedEx has halted capital projects nationwide, including a 2-year-old plan to build a 120,000- squarefoot, cargo-sorting facility at the Spokane International Airport Business Park, says FedEx spokeswoman Pam Roberson, who is based in Memphis.

    The shipping company had been negotiating with Spokane Airports on plans for the new facility since early 2001, Roberson says. FedEx had planned to consolidate its air- and ground-shipping facilities here, an airport representative said earlier. FedEx currently operates out of a 15,700 square-foot building at the airport and at another location in East Spokane.

    FedEx's companywide freeze on capital projects is a cost-saving effort prompted by the currently unstable economy, Roberson says. She says FedEx might follow through later on its plans to expand at the airport, but she declines to predict when that would be.

    Airport spokesman Todd Woodard says he's optimistic the expansion will resurface once the economy improves.
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    Could you provide a source for your FedEx reference. I can't find it anywhere on the web
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    Well..sometimes I say Go UPS Go! And other times
    Go GO UPS! Just for variety...I am very positive about UPS' people and potential, even with the competition, it just makes us better.

    Go UPS!
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