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    I wish those giant pigeons would swoop in and grab the Whiteboard guy.Why cant we advertise like that instead of some hippie drawing little pictures?
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    FedEx commericals are so much better than ours. Ours seem to corporate minded and boring. FedEx commercials tend to relate to everyone. It's like they target the average every day worker. Notice their commericals usually envolve factory/wharehouse workers and mid/lower level office wokers. It makes since because these are the people that are envolved in shipping and recieving. Their commcericals are also funny. Our commericals are bland and boring. Even the ones that are supposed to be funny are pathetic. Such as the Dale Jarrett commercials. UPS is dropping the ball on advertising. I'm still waiting for the day UPS and FedEx start attacking each other in their ads like most other competitors do. Things might get interesting then. Until then FedEx is king of advertising and we'll just have to be content with knowing that despite that fact UPS is still the king on the road.
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    Currahee.... that is soooo true... 1st time my wife saw that commercial with 'MR Whiteboard' , she looked at me and said, 'you guys wasted money on that crap??' I couldn't agree more. Perhaps we could a get a computer to do the markings on a screen b/c my wife thinks that WB guy is ugly , too. lol...
    I guess our super bowl commercial $$$$$$ went to payoff, buyout,bloodmoney,secret back door dealing, ...(oh excuse me) to get out of CS....lol....
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    UPS used to have Super Bowl commercials, but they didn't get enough bang for their buck. The majority of Super Bowl ads are a waste of money for what they pay for them. How many bad ads did you see at a cost of $3-4 million for 30 seconds? I noticed that UPS advertised more for the playoffs and NASCAR where a lot of people watch and the prices aren't as much.
    Besides, the boring UPS commercials would have been trashed in the Bowl where everyone is looking for funny and clever. I liked the Fedex commercial, but how many football fans are going to go out and use Fedex because they saw it during the game. Beer and munchies I can see.
  6. moreluck

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    Tony, I agree......several times I looked at my husband and said....."They paid millions for that !?!?!?"
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    Well there are 5 people talking about it on a UPS board the following day so maybe it has some effect. Remember the Christmas fedex one with the elves? I bet you do. Bang for your buck? are you aware how much they paid for whiteboard advertising? Look into it, you will be amazed. Actually, I will save you the search......
    35 MILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Yeah, Whiteboard. Great concept. Scary isn't it? What did they serve at that smorgasbord presentation? Probably the same group that approved the piece of fuselage for 100 years of gratitude.
  9. LKLND3380

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    I didn't really understand the pigeon commercial... I wasn't really paying attention at the time...
  10. GuyinBrown

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    How much do you think they shelled out for some idiot to come up with the old "Moving at the Speed of Business" slogan? I'm pretty sure that they occasionally outsource the advertising to high school special ed classes.....
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    Whenever I see a commercial like our "Whiteboard" I think, someone had to walk into a board room and say "I have this great idea for a UPS commercial." And then they had to have had the guts to actually present it. And then, someone in authority had to say "I like it." Unbelievable! Do these people live in the real world?
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    First off I know I am in the minority, but everyone of the people I know think the whiteboard commercials are clever, easy to understand, and actually make a point. As for the post about fed ex commercials geared to the receivers and mid level people, guess what, they dont make the decisions. Yes, I do wish we had a cool commercial too, and that guy would cut his hair, but cant have it all
  13. Tony31yrs

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    Isn't it funny that they will beat up on a driver who is .2 paid over, but can spend millions and millions on advertising just because they can write it off on their taxes.
    Actually, I don't remember the Fedex commercial with the elves. A lot of customers used to always comment on UPS commercials and repeated the slogans until I was sick of hearing about them, so they must have worked even though they were boring.
    I heard that the guy, in the whiteboard commercial, is the ad writer that came up with it and UPS told him that they would take the idea if he would star in the commercials. They probably figured that they would save the cost of an actor, although the actors they always hired for the methods films were horrible. I agree that a lot of people like the whiteboard commercials because you have to watch to see what he is going to draw. It holds your attention.
  14. JustTired

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    35 million???? How much can it cost to have a long haired guy, who can talk and draw at the same time, stand in front of an $80 whiteboard with a $1.25 brown marker???

    I want to run the next campaign. I'll do it for half that and still laugh all the way to the bank.

    By the way.......there are some pretty funny spoofs of the whiteboard commercials on youtube. The one guy is great and puts the guy on the real commercials to shame. Plus, his hair is UPS regulation.
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    whiteboard vs. diadboard

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Why did you have to remind us that Dale Jarrett still drives for us??? You want to jinx our season already? Question...Does he get another set of provisionals for the 2008 season? This guy needs to be put out to pasture!
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    Hey raw lets give credit where its due,didn,t diadlover create that little video?

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    "The floppy-haired fellow standing at the whiteboard—is named Andy Azula, and he's actually the creative director on the campaign." If you pay attention to CNBC or financial outlets.....these ads have actually been considered a huge success. But that's just in the business/financial sector......I guess that doesn't matter here? Someone said earlier something about the decision makers. They get it, and that's what matters.
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    After some very clever and funny ads in the 1980's ("Hello, Federal","Speed Talker"),FedEx went the other way for quite awhile and it really didn't work for them. One would think that the "suits" that make business decisions would like the deadly serious approach, but that didn't seem to be the case. I still have a couple of people a week greet me with "Helloooo Federal", even though that particular ad is from about 20 years ago. Nobody seems to have much feedback either way on our current crop of ads, which I haven't even seen.