Fed Ex Express driver about to make switch, but have a few questions

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    Hey fellas, I'm a 8 year FT swing CDL/Haz vet with Express in the San Francisco Bay Area, and in the process of changing over to UPS. My background check will be complete next week and I've been told to expect to be in their courier class by by second week of September.

    I have a few questions and would especially like feedback from drivers in Bay Area or SF station specifically. FYI: I have clarified already with HR that this position is for FT PDD (not seasonal/temporary).

    1. My understanding has always been UPS had a waiting list amongst internal employees for driving positions. Any ideas on why they are having to go outside for driver help? Note this is even rare for Fed Ex Express, though that is how I started 8 years ago with Fed Ex.

    2. How would you rank current company morale? If you are from the SF station, how is morale and is their good mgmt-employee relationship?

    3. Are you happy with the company and specifically your station and it's operations mgrs and senior mgr?

    4. How do you feel about the construction of dlvry routes? Do you feel as if you have a say in their construction? In other words does your mgr listen to your input on rte construction or feedback?

    Just to give you a little info about me. I'm one of the rare Express drivers to start as a driver and from outside the company. I started in Dntwn LA as a swing driver. Within Fed Ex swing is the hardest position and gets paid slightly more than a reg driver.

    You start by learning a loop (24 rtes) generally and then branch out into other loops from there. You must have a CDL and a Haz endorsement. My Fed Ex experience has been both good and bad. I started at what I consider to be a disfunctional station (only 2 mgrs from my first 3 years at that station still work for company and this includes 2 senior mgrs)

    But since leaving that station my experience has been overall positive and I'm very happy with my current station and mgrs. I've worked at a total of 4 different stations, in three different cities, and have been a swing courier in all of them. I've worked high rise rtes of Dwntn LA, to rural rtes of Ojai (where you drive 100 miles a day), to total residential rtes of west LA, Malibu, and Santa Monica.

    I'm on the cusp of leaving a company I've grown fond of because of what I view as my financial best interest. I'm taking over a $3 initial pay cut, I'm losing 3 weeks vacation, and all seniority benefits. Why? Without going into specifics, because ultimately I will make all of this ground lost and far surpass where I would be with Express in 4 years.

    But with that said, how do you guys feel about your company because other than annual merit raise increases that I believe are completely inadequate. I'm happy with my station and it's mgrs. Money is important to me as well as the protection of my benefits a union can provide. But I don't think I want to leave a well run station, with good mgmt, and employees for one that is in turmoil.

    Looking to hear from drivers with various years of experience, with their thoughts on the company's current state of morale and employee-mgmt relations. Especially anyone who works out of SF.

    Thanks for reading my post.
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    Not all employees,are eligible to drive,nor want to.

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    Congrats on the move to UPS. Everything in life usually requires a compromise. No situation will be perfect but my opinion is you are making the right choice. FedEx is so dysfunctional right now and with all the lawsuits pending leads to a very unstable future. Being in one of the highest pay grade markets you still will not very likely reach top pay in 20 years. No pension, piss poor health plan, it's a no brainer for me. Good luck to you whatever you decide to do.
  4. idrivethetruck

    idrivethetruck Slow & steady wins the race.

    First of all, we're "service providers" or "drivers". "Courier" is a FedEx term.:wink-very: Also, we call them "centers", not "stations".

    Now to answer your questions....
    1. Has already been answered but also, the contract allows outside hires at a certain ratio to inside hires. I believe this ratio may differ from region to region.
    2. Driver morale pretty much sucks due to the long hours. You can count on 47-55 hours/week on average.
    3. I would be happier with UPS if they wouldn't force me to work so many hours. (see answer #2)
    4. Drivers have no input as to how routes are setup and they change daily as volume fluctuates.

    That being said, I have grossed over 90k for the past 8 years and I get a pension when I retire so if it's more money you're after, then go for it.
  5. joeboodog

    joeboodog good people drink good beer

    All I can tell you is I thank God I only have three years (actually two years, eleven months) left until I can retire. UPS used to be okay to work for but now they treat you like crap.
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  6. Wally

    Wally Hailing from Parts Unknown.

    You going into Feeders? With a CDL, I would.
  7. TooTechie

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    That was entirely too long to read but I skimmed it and Idrivethetruck hit your key points. Interesting that swing drivers make more than bid drivers at fred's.

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  8. Whatbrownwontdoforyou

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    I dont know how it is in sf but here they dont guarantee you a job when they hire you so be careful before you leave the job you have now
  9. TooTechie

    TooTechie Geek in Brown

    Also you're not guaranteed to pass driver school or qualify for seniority. If I were a fedex guy, I would jump at the opportunity you say you're being offered.

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  10. olroadbeech

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    it all depends on your attitude. we have a lot of whiners on the café. whining while making 140,000 a year in wages and bennies. if they were making 250k, they would still be whining.

    you'll be working here for a couple months and you will say to yourself "what the heck are these people whining about?"

    it won't take 4 years to make up lost ground. it will take ONE.

    welcome aboard.
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  11. Requiem4hvywht

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    No you aren't guaranteed. You have to pass your 1 week courier class. I'm assuming ups has some defensive driving course apart of that. Then you are on a 30 day probation. After your 30 days your are then in the union. So basically you have 36 days of probation. That's the same as fed ex express accept there is no union to join after your probation.
  12. Requiem4hvywht

    Requiem4hvywht New Member

    Realistically it will. I make more now. Ups in SF start their drivers at 18.75. I make $23 and do 55-60 hrs every week. I'm going to lose 3 weeks vacation and 8 years seniority.

    What makes that worthwhile is maxing out in 4 yrs as opposed to 20 + yrs with fed ex because they have gotten rid of merit wage increases. The increases now are based on years of service and are extremely small.

    Yeah the complaining on this forum has kind of rattled me. And most who have responded haven't mentioned their relationship with their coworkers or supervisors in a positive way. That troubles me to say the least.
  13. Whatbrownwontdoforyou

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    Also if you are hired now it wont be 30 days......your 30 days wont start till dec 26 because of freeze out periods......again im not sure how sf is
  14. RonBurgandy??????????

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    You after a year here=:shutupsmiley:+:sissyfight:%:twister2:-:surrenderWelcome
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  15. Gumby

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    I love my boss!
  16. ZQXC

    ZQXC Guest

    100 miles a day is not a rural route; 220 and up is however
  17. RonBurgandy??????????

    RonBurgandy?????????? God is Great, beer is good , People are crazy.

    100 miles a day shure as hell is a rural route.
  18. joeboodog

    joeboodog good people drink good beer

    Or a city route with orion.
  19. ZQXC

    ZQXC Guest

    if you think 100 miles is a rural route, then you have never run a rural route
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  20. Operational needs

    Operational needs Non desistas. Non exieras.

    While I agree that 100 miles isn't necessarily a rural route, you don't have to drive 220 miles to have a rural route. My route is rural and I don't drive that many.