Fed Ex infoms. Teamsters just trust us

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    Yes we have it better than Fed Ex ,but last part of story read .It all about informing people .

    Aug 04, 2013 (Menafn - The Commercial Appeal - McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX) --
    FedEx employees will shoulder a larger share of health care costs as the Memphis-based delivery giant moves everyone to high-deductible, consumer-driven plans for 2014.
    The changes, coming in January, will affect some 400,000 U.S. employees and family members. The change is designed to slow down one of the company's fastest-growing expenses, expected to top 1.5 billion next year, and to protect against Obamacare's penalties on overly generous plans in the future.
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    What's your point? Increase deductibles in 2014,15,16,17 for all UPS employees so they won't pay a maybe tax in 2018? That's clear thinking...
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    My point didnt post lol. The last part of the story is Fed Ex working with employees threw Meetings ,Email, Letters about changes .Yes i dont care for Teamcare .1 reason ,the teamsters tell me to vote yes and they have no clue on info about the plan. 2nd hoffa sends letters to Obama that obomacare will kill our type of insurance,a non profit. Here a 8x10 paper, this is your new insurance ,just trust us . Problem is I think the avg. UPS driver is smarter than your typical union worker that's told hey just vote yes we got your back .Bunch of clowns the teamsters are anymore .What a mess
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    Gee, thanks. Care to add any ethnic remarks while you're at it?
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    Why you got to add ethnic to it. When I started at ups we were all collage students ,including myself ,or hard working farmers or just hard working people . I just think ups drivers are or were alot brighter on avg. then some big union jobs in the 70,80,90. and everyone from the bottom moved up all the the way to CEO. Just a opinion Lets not cry or get feelings hurt .
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    I'll bite...when I started I worked with John McDevitt who just happens now to be a senior vice president of the company. He held many big titles on his way up the ladder. We used to hang out together after our pre load shift down at the local bar and have many intelligent conversations.
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    Ok, then how about are women brighter than men at UPS? Are brunettes brighter than blonds?

    Just saying why do you categorize one type of worker as smarter than another? (BTW, how did studying collage work out for you?)

    Sorry it took so long to respond but it just takes my lazy, dim wit, non-driver city slicker union :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: a long time to figure out how to type on this TV with a typewriter.

    Thankfully a package just arrived and the hard working ex-farmer, now bright driver, was willing to help me out. Gee shucks.... ain't that just swell??
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    You must be one of the not so bright ones ,idk .no idea. I said people on avg, at ups .including part time ,full time , male ,female or whatever you look like or come from .All people at ups. And yes its college . I see the error . And it workout fine while I worked part time at ups and worked another job and went to school and paid for it and got my degree in finance . I loved being outside and being a driver and the pay and benefits were way better than I could get coming out of school. 24yrs later I dont regret it one bit. People these days want hand outs and cant do what I did. I was never good at grammar or spelling .So be it . ALL IN ALL I THINK UPS PEOPLE ARE JUST ON THE BRIGHTER SIDE AND EDUCATED MORE THAT'S ALL I'm not even going there with you . I have my options ,and I'm sure you have yours .
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    I can guarantee you that FedEx's insurance is well below the cadillac plan line. WELL BELOW. I find it amusing though that they have to move everyone onto a plan that works for them. Doesn't that further toss them into the employer - employee category rather than contractee - contractor model?
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    And yes i said drivers .My mistake .All people at ups .The new class of people coming into part time ,well i have no commit
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    Yes our insurance blows away Fed Ex . I see what your saying.. lol.
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    The real problem is the government. Why should it be involved at all trying to tax what a private company pays for its employees healthcare?
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    Gov. has no business running health care . And our healthcare at ups is a benefit. Not a tax source
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    justaoldworker - I apologize, I was just yanking on your (proverbial) chain, it's hotter than Hades outside today and I'm bored. But you didn't go for the bait- darn it!! Me, I'm just an old dog working inside PT unloading - but I'm a union member old dog. Glad to hear you enjoy getting and being outside - I'm envious. With that, this old worker is going back to his day job. Yes, agree with spelling/grammer - that's what spell-checkers on computers are for!! Take care my friend, just consider me -

    an old cynic worker :wink2:
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    they did move up just not to the level of ceo
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    express not ground
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    I think the whole idea about everyone in america having health insurance is a great idea. If people can get things through goverment programs, such as like food stamps and other things, why cant they just get health insurance through the government. Thats all im saying. Its us hard working people that have to pay for the governments ignorance and arrogance, Thats what sucks the most about it. I guess if the government cant make money off of it then its a bad idea i guess. Me personally i get sick and tired of having to pay for lazy people who dont want to work and peoples stupidity and the government too for that matter also.
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    the federal government has no buisness running anything but the common defense, trade agreements with foreign nations, and the levy of excise tax on commerce or the citizens to fund the operation of such. i think that is what i remember back when they spent some time on the constitution in fourth grade.