Fed Ex Rumor


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I heard a trailer filled with packages (including alot of jewelry) was hijacked in NY last night. Anyone hear anything on this?


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Read about it on a news wire. Seems the truck
was headed for the airport from their 48th St location, but did not make it. Driver was " found " safe in Brooklyn. no mention of the cargo.


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News says they found the truck with nothing missing.Seems when the crooks opened the trailer they found 6 locked igloos and couldnt get the locks open.


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Musta been funny seeing those guys trying to get in one of the air cans.
The trailer as retractable rollers, so once the rollers go down those cans
don't move hardly at all.(if at all) they can weight up to 5-6000lbs or more.


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It was a Air trailor heading to Newark Airport, they opened the back doors and couldnt get at the packages, everything was in igloo's.


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You gotta hand to those hijackers, hell with stealing a truck lets instead steal an 18 wheeler!

Crime Bosses are now using a PAS/EDD type system. In a past a hijacker could get away with taking one small truck. “Crime-PAS” now requires the thief to take out a 40’ trailer.


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NEW YORK - Gunmen hijacked a FedEx delivery truck loaded with Christmas presents early Friday on a Manhattan street, officials said.
The driver, who was found later in Brooklyn, was not hurt, police and FedEx Corp. spokesman Steve Barber said.
The truck — an 18-wheeler and one of the biggest FedEx vehicles — was found abandoned in Brooklyn about 5:30 a.m. Police said none of the property appeared to be missing.

"We don't know whether anything is missing at this point. But this is a busy time of the year, and people are shipping Christmas presents," Munoz said.
The truck was headed to a company facility in Newark after midnight when two men brandishing a gun confronted the driver at a traffic light, police said. The driver was forced out of the truck and into a car. He was found about four hours earlier in Brooklyn, police said.
Sandra Munoz, a FedEx spokeswoman at the company's headquarters in Memphis, Tenn., said the company could not estimate the value of the cargo until police released the truck, which can hold as much as 80,000 pounds when full.

Anyone wonder why the hijackaers would have put the driver in a car? Why would they risk being identified? I somehow feel the driver may have been involved in this, with him being found in Brooklyn as well as the truck. Maybe a contract carrier not familiar with huts and seals. Lucky break for the driver and Fed Ex

Maybe I watch too many crime shows.


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From what I've read or heard on the news, hijackers take the whole rig minus the driver. They usually have their special place to hide the rig for a while. Then make their move unloading the stuff.

Why would hijackers accomodate a driver, why not just throw his butt down to the ground? And he was unhurt, you would think maybe the hijackers would have roughed him up a little bit, unable to get at the packages. I think everyone involved were amateurs or had no experience in hijacking a trailer. JMO