Federal agencies turning to UPS, Fed Ex instead of USPS for delivery needs

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    Federal agencies turning to UPS, Fed Ex instead of USPS for delivery needs - Washington Times

    The United States Postal Service’s (USPS) bottom line has been hit by the federal government itself as numerous agencies have increased their contracts with publicly traded companies instead of the Postal Service for their mailing and distribution services, the Washington Free Beacon has found.

    The federal government spends hundreds of millions of dollars each year for these services, and the lion’s share of contracts has gone to United Parcel Service (UPS).

    An analysis of records shows the government awarded contracts solely issued for mailing and distribution worth nearly four times as much to UPS as it did to USPS in the last three-and-a-half years.
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    there is no way UPS/Fedex beats the Post Office on pricing, and USPS can do things and go places we couldn't dream of

    for the same price, they could ship EVERYTHING Priority-mail, and anyone who says that doesn't beat our service is dreaming

    more likely graft, or they were trying to massively cheap out paying for service, and instead of upping the service level with the Post Office, change contractors entirely without even looking at the bill
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    While I appreciate the government using us, I see a lot of waste everyday. The VA ships a lot of medicine to vets on my area using Next Day Savers. The VA hospital is only 20 miles away, they could be shipped Ground.
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    We recently won back the Social Security contract and I noticed the same thing so I asked and when they told me what they were being charged for NDA I could see why that's what they were using. The margin on these shipments has to be slim to none at all.
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    our VA meds come in as Next Day, so 4or 5 can run you all over the county
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    These are NDA Saver and the fact they are going to residences or nursing homes (or the like) means they are essentially Ground from the Delivery cycle perspective. This means by EOD.

    ​If they are NDA instead of NDA Saver, they are paying a different rate.