FedEx $1 Billion Over-Capitalized .... Yet still screws it employees

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    Would it be too much for a company which is over-capitalized by $1 billion to reward its employees with market rate wages, a real retirement account and something more than cheap, cut rate health insurance? Employee sacrifices have helped put FedEx in this great position, not to mention make its management team a boatload of money in appreciting stock options and other perks. FedEx Employees have had it and the public is starting to learn what many of us have known for years.

    Citi: FedEx Is 'In The Driver's Seat'

    by Wayne Duggan

    In a recent report, analysts at Citi Research gave their take on Buy-rated FedEx Corporation (NYSE: FDX). According to analysts, FedEx is currently in an "enviable position" in the small package market.

    In The Driver's Seat

    Operations and fundamentals for FedEx are extremely strong and suggest the potential for earnings and guidance upside. Analysts highlight that the company's cash levels are at an all-time high. In addition, holiday stumbles by United Parcel Service, Inc. (NYSE:UPS) placed FedEx in a good light in the eyes of many disappointed UPS customers.

    No Longer Lagging In Free Cash Flow

    Analysts believe that the company's free cash flow has been a source of frustration for FedEx shareholders in the past. However, as the company has executed its plan of improving the profitability of Express and growing Ground, free cash flow (FCF) has benefited. Analysts believe FedEx is now in position to match the FCF yield of UPS through 2016.

    Analysts expect a ramp-up in capex coming soon as the company addresses capacity and production increases. Both FedEx and UPS are currently trading at about 4.6 percent FCF yields based on 2016 estimates, but analysts believe that FedEx's growth profile justifies the stock trading at a premium to UPS.

    $1 Billion In Cash On The Books

    Now that FedEx's acquisition of Genco is fully funded, analysts believe the company will likely find other uses for its $1 billion in over-capitalization. "We believe FedEx could surprise with a faster buyback or potentially another acquisition of size," analysts explained in the report.

    Citi currently has a Buy rating on FedEx and a $210.00 price target on the stock.
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    Have every driver you know mail in a letter to our CEO saying you want a real raise and better progression. It'll only cost a stamp and an envelope
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    And just like the FSA it will end up in the trash...