FedEx #8 on FORTUNE's List of America's Most Admired Companies

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    1 - Wal-Mart Stores

    2 - Southwest Airlines

    3 - Berkshire Hathaway

    4 - Dell Computer

    5 - General Electric

    6 - Johnson & Johnson

    7 - Microsoft

    8 - FedEx

    9 - Starbucks

    10 - Procter & Gamble
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    Kind of makes you think doesn't it? UPS always wins "most admired package company" yet Fed Ex usually takes all the other polls. Kinda strange isn't it? I remember reading a business magazine one day while waiting on a prescription and it had the top 200 places to work with Fed Ex being in the top 50 and UPS no where to be seen in the list of 200. I don't know what is going on.
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    Most of the so called "polls" are voluntary and some companys like UPS and others do not participate in every poll only selected ones.
  4. upslocal480

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    So UPS only participates in one of them?
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    The fact that Wal-Mart made the top of the list says it all. I'm glad we didn't make this one.
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    As I stated before, UPS participates in some polls but not every poll known to man. If UPS was not in the poll in the magazine you were reading at the pharmacy, maybe they elected not to participate in that specific poll. What was the poll about?
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    The Fortune industry poll is based on things like fiscal management, excellence in operations, quality of management, return on investment, and other indicators which don't include how well a company hypes itself. On that score FEDEX beats UPS, and wins opinion polls....stock was up more than UPS in 2002 as well. UPS needs to get the stock moving...and soon.[​IMG]

    Go UPS!
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    Not until they buy what they want back!

    And with Fedex cleaning our plow right now on volume growth, they deserve to beat us.

  9. upslocal480

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    I've seen a many ratings AND polls over the past 4 years. I can remember seeing "Best Jobs", "Best Part Time Jobs", "Most Admired", and some others. I never could understand how Fed Ex would always rank higher, and in some cases UPS wouldn't place, in the ratings and polls when they are a younger and much smaller rival. Now although I probably wouldn't work at Wal-Mart myself I can' deny that it makes since that they were on that list. They are obviously a good company and I'm glad a new one opened up 100 yards or so from my apartment. Hell I can go there for just about anything I need probably except for
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    Perhaps if we would spend as much time taking care of our customers as we do whining about FedEx we would have the volume back. What we lost was because of us. That includes the Union and UPS. That's all of us. I think we are holding our own here, but if this sort of contract crap happens again we will all be idiots for allowing it. Nobody wins when we have these battles in my opinion. What's so frustrating to me is that it would seem we really have no say in it. The big boys up top on both sides decide. Sure we get to vote eventually, but by then what choices do we really have? I remember a union meeting we had here during this last mess. We were told by our local rep that we were professional people and should be treated as such. Then a person asked if we were considered such professional people then why were we not allowed to vote on what was being offered. The rep said we would not understand the language. The real kicker is that he didn't. He said he would get back to us. Still hasn't...
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    ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 18, 2003--For the 20th consecutive year, UPS UPS has been rated "America's Most Admired" company in its industry in a survey conducted by Fortune magazine.

    UPS also was ranked in the top 10 nationwide across all industries on four of the eight attributes used to compile the rankings.

    The company scored in the Top 10 for the quality of its management; its financial soundness; the quality of its products and services, and its commitment to social responsibility. Within its industry category, UPS ranked No. 1 in each of those four attributes as well as in rankings for its employee talent and use of corporate assets.

    The complete rankings for each industry segment appear in the March 3rd issue of Fortune and are based on a poll of 10,000 senior executives, directors and analysts. UPS joins companies like Wal-Mart, Procter & Gamble, General Electric and Johnson & Johnson at the top of their industries. Details were posted today on

    The Fortune recognition comes just one week after the release of the latest Harris Interactive Corporate Reputation Survey, in which UPS was ranked No. 4 in the country for the public's perception of its corporate reputation. UPS followed Johnson & Johnson, Harley-Davidson and Coca-Cola in that survey.

    UPS, which has built one of the world's best known brands, operates in more than 200 countries and territories around the world and has been widely recognized in recent years for its expanding role in enabling global commerce. UPS stock trades on the New York Stock Exchange (UPS) and the company can be found on the Web at

    Contact Information:
    UPS, Atlanta
    Norman Black, 404/828-7593

    2003 BusinessWire
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    I don't think the employees and union are solely to blame for volume loss. There might be some othe factors to consider there.
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    I have heard from our management team that we will not give many discounts as does "F" company. Their volume may be up, but their profit per package is lower than ours. I think we need to undercut some of the competition, even if we don't make much on the packages, just to get volume back.