FedEx: A Nice Bet With Solid 3rd Quarter Figures

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    FedEx: A Nice Bet With Solid 3rd Quarter Figures - Gurufocus

    FedEx Corporation is a leader in global express delivery services, which provides guaranteed domestic and international air express, residential and business ground package delivery, heavy freight and logistics services.

    Revenues increased by 8% year-over-year to $12.65 billion. Reasons behind this growth are the volume growth in its Ground segment as well as some operational improvements in its Express segment.

    Revenue growth, however, didn’t stop the decline in EPS. That decline of 16% has confirmed a declining pattern of earnings over the past year. During the past fiscal year, the company reported earnings of $3.60, which are lower than the $6.79 figure reported in the previous year. This year, analysts expect an improvement in earnings ($10.80 versus $3.60).