FedEx Agrees to $8M Fine

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by UpstateNYUPSer, May 4, 2011.

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    I wonder if they actually identified the specific couriers that did this?
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    Interesting. I worked in an area where mgrs were putting pkgs in U.S. mail to keep me from getting overtime. Phony exception codes were used, then a phony POD was entered after mailman obtained signature. I told my mgr they were committing fraud. As some of the pkgs were VA meds I wonder if I could have brought a whistleblower suit? I did post what had happened on Fedexaminer and eventually heard that sr.mgr was demoted and ops mgr was no longer with company. Whether it was my post that caused that I don't know. Those guys could have burned themselves with something else. All to make themselves look good with zero overtime.
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    EC, anyone?
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    "FedEx denies any wrong doing."

    Nice try Maury. Nice try Fred.
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    This is the standard FedEx response when they've already lost the case. If they haven't settled yet, it's "FedEx denies any wrong doing, and will vigorously defend itself in court". This means that they are actually about to settle out-of -court. As far as "security delays" go, FedEx also does this with large companies that have security screening processes. To say that FedEx abuses this procedure would be putting it mildly.

    I know of one courier who was told to enter a security delay for a large company he delivered every day and when it backfired, the manager denied ordering the courier to do it and the courier was terminated. His word against the couriers. I also know of managers directing couriers to POD bulk stops before delivery so the station doesn't get hit with lates. Any courier that does this is an absolute moron, but some will do it, not knowing that the manager has no authority to order this and that it is blatant falsification.

    Standard Operating Procedure for a company built on lies and false promises. More lawsuits to come. If they are doing this at your station, tell the courier to not trust management, and POD the pkgs. exactly when they are delivered. No "around the corner", "down the street", or any of the usual BS. Maybe you should also tell them to contact the law firm mentioned in the link.

    This is a very widespread phenomenon.
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    I have always set my phone on record when I need to talk to my managers about procedures that differ from the norm.
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    THIS we can agree on.
    Which, for obvious reasons, is against policy. But, good for later use :)
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    This suit is the tip of the iceberg. If certain shippers get wind of it, there could be many more. This has been happening for years, and all it took was one employee to tell the truth. There are more of them out there Fred. Pay up.
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    Mgr brought up this fine this morning, and warned us to use proper codes and don't try to beat the system. He said nothing about mgrs pushing employees or the whistleblower suit. I told coworker about it while unloading container and she immediately told him what I said, and that I said it, when he walked by. I decided to ask him about the new accident policy and he gets funny look. Said he just got email about it this morning. When he saw me this afternoon he seemed a little strained in his voice tone. I've really got to get out of here before anything weird happens.
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    When you see it, you won't like it. I was told that managers were supposed to cover it in meetings, and when ours did, several people just walked out of the room. It's pretty Draconian. Like Cactus said, what a "coincidence" that it comes out right after the SFA. I don't know why they even worry, since the numbers we see have no relation to the true scores.
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    I guess getting rid of employees by offering some kind of buyout won't happen. What a shock.


    Run, run as fast as you can brother.