FedEx and UPS Clash Over Legislation

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    FedEx and UPS Clash Over Legislation - Wall Street Journal

    FedEx Corp. and United Parcel Service Inc. are intensifying a dispute over proposed legislation that could upset the balance of power in the package-delivery business by making it easier to unionize FedEx.

    UPS is hoping Democratic control of Congress and the White House will enable it to win support for a bill that would place some of FedEx's drivers and other employees under the National Labor Relations Act, the same law that governs UPS. FedEx drivers are currently governed by a separate federal law that makes unionizing more difficult.
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    Is there a deadline on the voting? In this economy, most people do not want to rock the boat, even if there is a chance of improvement.
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    So what is wrong with making things fair and balanced in the package delivery bus.
  4. A win for UPS is a win for the tens of thousand disgruntled Fedex workers.Fred Smith is a spoiled little rich brat that has gotten his way for so long that he is afraid of playing on a equal level with UPS.
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    Hey let the cards fall where they may
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    I would prefer a stacked deck.
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    If we're referring to HR915 here, the powers that be (at least the ones I'm exposed to) were working overtime last week to insure their minions wrote transcribed letters with hopes of stacking this deck you speak of. The irony of it all was they were insistent on reading the end results and sealing the letter(s) for the employee. When someone suggested they held reservations of trust to have someone else seal their letter, management acted offended. Yet they apparently either did not believe the minions to posses the intelligence or themselves had issues of trust.

    I believe 99% of the minions around me understand this legislation could be good for all of us and would naturally write something to benefit passage. One has to wonder if management harbors other issues preventing them from seeing this clearly or have they just become so adept at alienating that it comes naturally?