Fedex and UPS Raise Their Shipping Rates

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    Fedex and UPS Raise Their Shipping Rates - Investopedia

    Oil falls and shipping rates rise. Unfortunately this is the reality we live in, where both Fedex Corp (FDX) and United Parcel Service Inc (UPS) charging more for delivery in a period of low gas prices. Fedex announced their rate increases yesterday after market close; UPS announced rate increases earlier this month. The increases, which were expected, will take effect in January 2017.
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    We , as consumers , can choose NOT to participate. then the rates would have to fall due to the law of supply and demand.

    but we all know that is not gonna happen either.
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    No, we really can't choose to not participate. If there was no shipping anywhere by anyone in the world for just one day, that would set us back a month. We can use other methods such as USPS or some small local / regional company but those companies cannot even come close to being equipped to handle such an influx of volume.
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    I don't ship a lot of stuff. Most of my contact with courier services like the USPS or UPS comes from ordering stuff online. And as an online consumer, in my experience, people very rarely get to choose which company delivers to them. When they do, people inevitably choose the cheapest option. If you were ordering something online, and UPS was the cheapest delivery option, would you still pay $10 more for a different option just to protest this rate increase?

    Sorry to say, package delivery is one area where consumers don't have a lot of power.
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    Where do you think Surepost and SmartPost came from?
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    Look, it's a bird, it's a plane, oh no it Amazon coming in to take all of our business.