FedEx CEO Sees Vindication Ahead for His Anti-Amazon Strategy

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    FedEx CEO Sees Vindication Ahead for His Anti-Amazon Strategy - Yahoo

    FedEx Corp. founder Fred S, nearing the end of a legendary career, says he’s going to prove himself right one more time.

    Best known for disrupting the parcel delivery business by introducing overnight service, Smith is now getting disrupted himself by e-commerce and the rise of online shopping. He’s taking a pounding from Wall Street for FedEx’s disappointing performance, while analysts praise archrival United Parcel Service Inc. for reversing a decline in profit margins.

    Smith is frustrated, defiant, indignant by turn. But most of all he’s confident — as he asserted more than 20 times during a two-hour interview in which he laid out his strategy to master e-commerce and become the fastest, most cost-efficient ground courier. He’s drawing the battle lines, positioning FedEx as a kind of anti-Amazon ally for big-box retailers and pledging that his strategy will soon enable FedEx to overtake UPS.
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