FedEx CEO's Total Fiscal 2011 Pay Falls 2 Percent

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    FedEx CEO's Total Fiscal 2011 Pay Falls 2 Percent - ABC News

    Fred Smith, who also is the company's chairman and president, received compensation valued at $7.3 million for the fiscal year that ended in May, down from $7.4 million in fiscal 2010, according to a filing the company made Friday with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

    Smith's salary rose 4 percent to $1.2 million, and the value of his stock options rose less than 2 percent to $5.2 million, the biggest chunk of his compensation.

    But his performance-based cash bonus fell 6 percent to $375,000, and his other compensation slid 37 percent to $428,061. His perks already had dropped almost by half between 2009 and 2010. In 2011, they included retirement plan contributions, tax reimbursements, jet travel, use of a company car, security services, tax preparation services, financial counseling and insurance premiums.
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    Thx. Cheryl.
    I'm sure Freddo will find a way to get that money back by taking it from us couriers somehow. :knockedout: