FedEx Chief Says ‘Disingenuous’ UPS in Law Change Bid

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    FedEx Chief Says ‘Disingenuous’ UPS in Law Change Bid - Bloomberg
    FedEx Corp. chief Fred Smith said United Parcel Service Inc. is being “disingenuous” in trying to remove FedEx workers from a strike-limiting labor law that the companies considered backing jointly almost a decade ago.

    FedEx and UPS, the two largest U.S. package shippers, privately discussed potential legislation that would have ensured ground workers at both firms were covered by the Railway Labor Act, Smith said yesterday in an interview. That law, which covers ground workers at FedEx Express -- and not those at UPS - - lets the federal government intervene to stop strikes.

    “It’s certainly disingenuous” for UPS to now seek legislation that would remove the FedEx workers from the jurisdiction of the Railway Labor Act, Smith said. “I’m disappointed in not only what they’ve done, I’m disappointed in how they’ve done it.”