FedEx + DHL Isn't Necessarily Bad for UPS

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    FedEx + DHL Isn't Necessarily Bad for UPS - Motley Fool

    If FedEx does buy DHL's U.S. operations, it wouldn't be to boost its express or ground network. After all, those gaudy bright yellow trucks and planes aren't necessarily an asset to anyone. No, FedEx's potential purchase of DHL would be an easy way to stave off price pressures in a competitive shipping marketplace. In effect, FedEx would be taking one for the team: getting rid of the public competitor who fought on price alone.
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    cheryl, las nite i talked to a driver who said jus the oposite about fedex... and said that ups was seeking to t/o dhl... b/c of thier presence overseas; course this is all hearsay....what do you think about that??
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    The article clearly states that the purposed "buyout" is just for the DHL's US operations and not DHL global. I doubt FedEx could buy out DHL global. it would be like Taco Bell buying out McDonalds (no offense to the "Demolition Man" fans)
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    :detective Alister... what was the '20' on that 'article'???????? c'mon? I'd like to get a read up on that..
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    I believe this will be good for UPS. Unfortunately wallstreet will view this as the shipping business is shrinking and the stock by will trade down for a while. A wait and see aproach.


    When Fedx stock goes up so does UPs and vise/versa.....we probably would be trading much much higher if we were still private!

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    we wouldn't be trading at all if we were "still private".