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    I was just disqualified from FedEx Ground after being accused of signing for a package. I’ve been a home delivery guy since I started a year and a half ago. When I first started FedEx I received a mere two days of training and was sent on my own. One of those days our scanner broke before our first stop. Needless to say, I had to make a lot of calls cause I didn’t know what to do. Most of the stuff I figured out on my own. Fast forward to now, I was told I would be running a ground route. Never had before, and I :censored2:ed up. Because the scanner showed “N” under the colums, I didn’t think it needed a signature. There was seven packages and all said N. The scanner I had was messing up all day. I tried to input a left at location but it wouldn’t let me. The business was open, but I couldn’t find anyone. So, they got their packages, called and complained cause no one there signed, and I’m out a job. I didn’t admit to anything, I just said the packages didn’t need a signature. I’ve always driver released packages to businesses that didn’t say indirect or direct never was told otherwise. Am I pretty much out? I never before was in any trouble with FedEx, aside from a few customer disputes that I followed up on. They told me the DQ was indefinite. How can I fight it? Who do I contact? Terminal I suffering bad right now with peak here. They’re short maybe 20-30 drivers.
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    That's a cardinal sin in the package delivery world
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    What does your contractor employer have to say about it?
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    He tried like hell to fight it. Did everything he could. He always said I was his best driver. He was just as devastated as I was.
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    Did you write something in the signature capture box? Did you enter a person’s name? That’s the falsification that’ll get you.
  6. Poppie405

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    Yeah well, you think it would be a write up or at least a 3 month DQ. Not a lifetime for not knowing.
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    Yes. But never admitted to it. Couldn’t figure out how to input left at blah blah blah. Also couldn’t put statuses on packages through the scanner cause the status tab wouldn’t come up. Figured the scanner was busted cause I’ve had my fair share of broken scanners.
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    I told the investigator that I didn’t need a signature. He informed me all businesses need signature. I was honest and said I didn’t know that.
  9. It will be fine

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    You knew you shouldn’t enter a person’s name. If the intent was to enter a driver release you could have entered “dock” or wherever you left them. If you weren’t sure what to do you should have called your supervisor. There’s no getting out of falsifying a signature.
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    I'll give you credit for this bit, for sure. Seems quite a few Ground drivers don't get near the training that Express gets.

    And honestly, I'm not bashing Ground. It's ridiculous the amount of responsibility given to a driver of either G or X and how little training some drivers receive.
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    you are all disqualified
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  12. Operational needs

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    I feel so bad for new couriers in my station. They always seem so unprepared. I always tell any of them to ask me any questions they have.
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  13. zeev

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    UPS is hiring Express too. Have your contractor give you a good recommendation. Amazing for a company that lies like X.
  14. 40 and out

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    How is it that FedEx can do this to you since you're not even a FedEx employee?
  15. bacha29

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    Contractors exist for two simple reasons only. To serve as an anti union firewall and to provide margin protection in the face of future recessions and increased legacy costs as it pertains to Fedex's own employees. They cut what they want off the top of the stack leaving the contractor what remains for him to take his cut but by the time you get down to that poor slug who is actually performing the task of transporting the product from Point A to Point B.....there's really not much left for him.
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    If losing yer crappy job at XG has put you in a bind or caused you stress, my condolences.

    And don't think you wasted a year and a half of your life for getting fired for the reason you did. It's more XG's loss than yours.

    If in the future you apply for other jobs in this industry, make up a different story (lie) as to why you left XG. As time goes by, it will be more difficult to verify what the true circumstances were as to your dismissal. Also, you need to have good lies and stories planned and ready in advance for when you do something dubious. Some people say: "the truth will set you free." Indeed. The truth will 'set you free' from a job.

    And honestly, I really don't think that putting 'worked at FedEx Ground' is a worthwhile addition to a job application, anyways.

    What you did to get fired wasn't evil or malicious. It was just kinda' dumb. If everybody who ever did something kinda' dumb while at work got fired, we'd all be unemployed.
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  17. Exec32

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    Your contractor must disqualify you based on his own findings and policy. You are not a contractor nor a signatory of the contract. Of course X already has all your personal information because they hired you, oops I mean they stole it from the contractor? Anyways they will investigate you as their employee, oops I mean the contractors employee, and then demand the contractor fire you. Now since they already gathered all your personal information and collected this identifying in formation during THEIR hiring process on you without your consent they will disqualify you in their national system
    Wwwwait a minute who do you work for? I get so confused with all the interference and lies by X that it gets difficult.
  18. bbsam

    bbsam Moderator Staff Member

    Nope. The contractor is not forced to fire the driver. The contractor is just not allowed to use the driver for P and D services.

    Not sure what else a driver would do, but that’s the grey area they’re operating in when DQing/firing drivers.
  19. Exec32

    Exec32 Active Member

    I stand corrected. They do demand they be disqualified though. Effectively ending their employment, with you or any other contractor.
    I didn't do it one time when they demanded, and they disqualified him without my knowledge. Didn't know till he came back from vacation.
    You know how that appeal went right.
  20. OrioN

    OrioN double tap o da horn dooshbag

    Wtf is an N ???

    Did you sign your own name or falsified someone else?

    Sometimes i see a ground driver at a business, but he treat it as a resis and hit MC. Is that bad? I sometimes don't switch that RES to BUS button to force the scanner for a signature

    What is further perplexing is when I get my printed manifest in the morning before I start my preload process, all the addresses are RES-1 (or whatever the amount of packages on that stop)