FedEx Donates Trucks to the Salvation Army for Emergency Response


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FedEx Donates Trucks to the Salvation Army for Emergency Response - Yahoo

From raging wildfires to monstrous hurricanes, emergency situations seem to unfold right after another. But one covert operation has continued to offer hope and relief to individuals and families: a fleet of custom, built-to-order mobile emergency response vehicles (nicknamed “canteen trucks”). Donated by FedEx and operated by The Salvation Army, these inconspicuous trucks – ranging in sizes from sprinter vans to RVs – and a group of volunteers show up to numerous emergency situations to hydrate, feed and extend a listening ear to those who’ve experienced trauma, loss or hardship.

Since 2007, FedEx has helped The Salvation Army increase its capacity to provide disaster relief by donating over 21 emergency response vehicles. Stationed around the world from Pennsylvania to Sao Paulo, these nimble trucks have helped The Salvation Army workers better navigate hazardous areas and crowded city streets without sacrificing the ability to serve thousands of people a day. In many cases, the trucks have fully integrated with other local services and are now fixtures within the community – and over the past year, these emergency response vehicles have played a pivotal role in providing food and essential supplies to families in need during the pandemic. In Trenton, New Jersey, the FedEx canteen has played a dual role, serving in community need-based capacities as well as in disaster relief services. Trenton’s truck was deployed alongside others in response to Hurricane Ida, providing more than 462,000 meals, 228,000 drinks, and 145,000 snacks, and emotional and spiritual care to 27,478 people.