FedEx driver throws a package...

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    Dont know who saw this, but I couldnt help but laugh...Especially at the part were the customer talks about wanting the driver fired and FedEx's response is that the driver is an independant contractor. Im sure most people know that the packages arent treated like every single one is cased in glass, but that doesnt mean they wanna see their package chucked across the lawn lol.

    Camera Catches FedEx Package Tossed Across OKC Couple's Yard - - Oklahoma City, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports |
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    Wow. You are so last month with this.
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    Ummmm last month was just last week. The report is only two weeks old so if I overlooked someone commenting on it as I sifted through the threads I apologize. I dont spend as much time on here as some, I'd rather be sittin on a river fishing :). Keeps the soul young...ya know?

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    Wow, must have been a slow news day to spend so much time on it. The contents weren't even damaged.
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