FedEx Employees Throwing Packages Into Truck

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by ORLY!?!, Jul 26, 2013.

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    no..................we've NEVER done that at UPS have we??????????
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    I hear ya, just shown another " ONE OF THOSE " videos.

    Next week, month or year there be other examples caught on video. From me to all of us out there, theres always someone filming or watching. Theres some soups and high end managers that will walk you out of the building if they se you throwing a package.

    As for this video, those packages were lite and easy to carry many. There was no reason not to step up and load them on those empty shelves.
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    Ever work in the hub? Our manager just looks the other way. I see nothing.
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    Just think, if they were in a union -- even if non-paying dues scabs like yourself -- they wouldn't have to worry about discipline...
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    I think she's my loader.
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    I'm thinking about wearing my hair like that * Might be a good look for me
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    cant help that's the way sshe was tought to do it

    If thats your loader dose it thats sad. There is only one reason that preloaders do this. It the insanely high production standards put on the pt timers at the building I am at preloaders are expected to load 260 peices per hr.. what ever happened to working safe?
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    Actually, union workers are more likely to be fired then I.
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    I always throw packages onto the metro (right in front of management's faces) because the metro doesn't extend all the way into the truck - and they never say anything, heck, I think they want us to do it. You know how long it would take to go by hands to surface - that would rile them up more than anything else. There's nothing wrong with throwing packages unless you're throwing it on a solid concrete from a far distance. The only thing you costumers have to worry about destroying your packages is the belt that moves your packages to other parts of the building.
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    I recall this video being posted here awhile back. This is just over all lazyness and requires a write up at the least. In my building, its one of the mortal sins to throw packages in any regard.

    Overall, this driver is probably just fed up with his job and his management. It could be true for the other fedex driver as well. But I will call them both lazy and bad examples of a productive worker.
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    Re: cant help that's the way sshe was tought to do it

    When I started last year it was 250, they bumped it to 262 not long ago. Sucks that boxes seem like there just getting bigger and bigger.
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    They might be more worried about the usps tote in her truck then the pkgs
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    She was fired.
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    If true, which I don't doubt, ​too bad they aren't organized......let me stir the pot a little bit.
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    what do you mean not productive....? probably brought his overallowed down by at least .1 just at this stop.... looks super good on the report
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    In regards to the FedEx video: the person tossing the boxes with the driver is the customer! If the package is in any danger, wouldn't he take greater cares of his packages?!

    The video of the UPS driver: bad, bad action in public, but judging by how easy it is for him to toss the boxes, they are light, probably have clothing in them. They are not going to get damaged (also, It is a good bet the floor of the truck is probably already packed, and he is tossing packages on top of the pile; without a dock little can,be done to alleviate this).

    Hub workers must walk maybe 10-15 feet with no change in elevation to load a package. Try loading thirty light boxes from ground level, loading each box hand to surface, climbing in and out of the car for each box, after delivering 80-150 stops on the day! Laziness has nothing to do with this, and in both cases not wasting time treating a package as fragile when it is clearly not-nor is it going to "crush" other boxes-within a pickup window of maybe 5-8 mins, and with a customer there helping to load the car is being productive-unless uoubelieve, as some of the ignorant few on their, that those drivers are then going to deliver the packages they just loaded.

    There's no excuse for package abuse.....except for when there is, like the customer helping you abusethe packages!