Fedex express courier vs. UPS preloader


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I work the preload at UPS right now ... started during peak season last year. Around the same time I put in a FedEx express application, and in January went in and did the interview and testing and stuff ... yesterday I got a call asking if I wanted to interview for an a.m. courier position at FedEx. (the only position I said I was interested in.) So I have a question:

Can anyone give me facts (like numbers) as far as the insurance costs at FedEx? And information on the quality of that insurance? I'm trying to weigh the advantages of switching vs. staying. So far my first negative is that there's no union, therefore there doesn't seem to be nearly the stability and security. Positives would be a normal working schedule, not 3:50-8 in the morning, and the higher hourly pay. I'm just trying determine whether the positives outweigh the negatives.

P.S. This is not a career for me. It's a sideline to bring in extra income and provide health benefits for myself and my family.

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Ups pays better but you have to work a bit harder. Fed ex has insurance but most ups shops are unionized and have pretty good benefits. Long term ups is good if you can handle the work load, and it is not easy.

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If you can do it, I'd say work both...
Either Work Preload and then PM Courier
or AM courier and work reload at UPS.

The basic health plan at Fedex is less than $20 a week
right now with full coverage for my and my wife I pay
26? a week and that includes extra life insurance.


i did exactly what you're doing now. the preload is a killer at ups. if you don't plan on staying then i'd suggest going to fedex. at fedex i make more than 4 bucks an hour more than at ups. the benifits are pretty good and the work load isn't as hard (we deliver more letters than boxes). as an a.m. driver for fedex you'll work about the same amount of hours but instead of 3-8 it'll be more like 6-11.