FedEx Express Customers: Why Your Freight Is Late

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    My guess is that a lot of you are pretty disappointed in FedEx. After all, you're paying big bucks and not getting the service you were promised, right? Here's why, and maybe you can use this information when FedEx lies to you after you call 1-800-GoFedEx and ask where your package is.

    1. Not enough employees. FedEx Express employees are quitting in droves because pay and working conditions are so bad. Most locations are down at least 15-20% from what they should have in order to cover the operation. We also don't have enough tractor-trailer drivers.

    2. Not enough planes, or at least not enough large aircraft. FedEx bought a bunch of large aircraft (DC10s), rebuilt them at huge cost, and then put them in storage in the desert or scrapped them because they were too expensive to operate. New planes are on order, but it will take years to catch-up.

    3. Outsourcing. When you call FedEx Customer Service, you're likely talking to a third party vendor, not an employee. Most of these folks cannot even distinguish between the different FedEx divisions, much less help you with your lost or late package. This helps screw things up even more.

    4.Totally incompetent upper management. These people are focused on one thing only...driving up the stock price. Why? Because it benefits them personally and makes FedEx look good to Wall Street. The Ground slave labor operation is carrying the water for FedEx right now. Without Ground, FedEx would probably cease to exist. Most new investment is going into Ground, not Express.

    5. The FedEx PR Machine. When you post something negative about FedEx on social media or otherwise complain about the lousy service, the PR Team springs into action, trying to bury the poop before it begins to smell. They'll tell you any lie possible to deflect your criticism ad keep your money. Have a claim or a "money-back" late package? Good luck navigating the lie storm that FedEx will create to avoid giving you your money back. Fake mechanical "failures" on aircraft, fake bad weather, fake construction delays etc. All of these are lies that are going to keep you from getting your money back, OR exhaust you to the point where you aren't even going to try any more and give up...which is what they want.

    6. A meglomaniacal "leader" in Fred Smith. Ironically, the excellent original company he created (Federal Express), he has systematically destroyed (FedEx). This company lives off of a reputation for excellence that is long gone and never coming back.

    So, when you call FedEx about your screwed-up package, confront them with what you've learned here, which is the absolute truth, and then see what the say. Do not give-up if they try and flim-flam you. Insist on being put through to the Executive Desk, or speaking personally with Fred Smith, Dave Bronczek, or Matt Thornton.

    Get your money back.
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  3. I like no. 4 It is a winner. Combine it with 6 and there you have it.

    smith and his cronies are nothing more than parasites in the company. This notion that "I started the company therefore I am entitled to be a parasite for the rest of my life" mentality has to go. smith does not deliver the packages. The people do. The jobs belong to the people, not smith.

    smith needs the union shove right up his ass!