FedEx Fouls Up

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    Don't say you weren't warned.

    For some time now, I've been pretty critical of FedEx's (NYSE: FDX) plans to "enhance the customer experience, gain market share, reduce expenses, [and] improve profits." (Great ideas in theory, but in practice, management seems to think it can accomplish these tasks through the expedient of raising prices.) I've also received my share of flak from angry shareholders who think that management knows what it's doing -- despite strong evidence to the contrary. Yesterday, I think FedEx proved me right.
  2. Fedex management continuously asks the hourly workers to cut expenses,get new customers and increase productivity.The Fedex management from Fred Smith to the ops managers and engineers are the most incompetent people on this planet.This company due to gross incompetence is paying out hundreds of millions of dollars in lawsuits because of corporate greed,the financial raping of its employees and possibly tax evasion to the states and federal goverment.If they want to cut expenses eliminate the Fedex Ground and Fedex Home divisions and put it under the Express division.This would eliminate two thirds of the corporate management saving millions of dollars a year.The extra volume could be absorbed into the Express division making it more productive by doing more deliveries in a more condensed delivery areas.This will create more full time positions that would be less costly than the overpaid corporate big shots salaries.The Ground and Home stations that are not needed for new Express stations could be sold off or not have their leases renewed saving extra millions of dollars a year.Last but not least eliminate or reduce the outrageous salaries and bonuses the high ranking executives and Board of Directors receive.