FedEx Freight Workers Vote for Union in Pennsylvania

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    FedEx Freight Workers Vote for Union in Pennsylvania - TT News

    FedEx Freight drivers at a Philadelphia terminal voted in favor of Teamsters representation, becoming the first workers at the less-than-truckload carrier to become union members.

    The vote by a reported 26-18 margin came four days after drivers at the Cinnaminson, New Jersey, terminal voted against becoming Teamsters. The New Jersey vote was the first-ever unionization balloting at the nation’s largest less-than-truckload company. No vote count was disclosed for the New Jersey vote.

    “A smaller group of city and road drivers at our service center in Croydon, Pennsylvania, voted for union representation,” FedEx spokeswoman Michele Ehrhart said in a statement. “This vote impacts only city and road drivers at the Croydon facility. We believe our open and thriving work environment provides a more flexible, team-oriented and customer-focused work model than the union offers.”
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