FedEx Ground and it's excellent customer service

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    Brilliant! Logistics at its finest.
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    So what's the problem? A lot of consignees are more upset that a power cord for their laptop was sent signature required. That's not Fedex's fault. We don't do appointment deliveries unless the customer wants to upgrade the service at a considerable amount. Even moving it from Ground to HD is a courtesy.

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    You obviously don't listen to the entire message.
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    you're right. Got real old the second time through.

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    I think it's hilarious.:D
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    since ethan didn't say this was a DSR, i'm assuming it's a high dollar item that he wanted ASAP ~ why didn't he call to have it held at a local FedEx Office beats me (unless there are none near him or they don't have a 24-hour location like i do in my area)

    gah! i had something like this today... a drumset that the Ground driver 07 it on a Fri DSR; they transferred it to HD on my route because the consignee had a gig that night...

    since I had no idea of the route today i gave the QA agent an ETA of 1800 when i left the building.

    not good enough ~QA said they need it sooner :\

    so i called the # on the box & tell the guy to meet me at the local USPS parking lot in the center of town by 1400 since i didn't want to break trace...

    he shows me his DL, i help him load it up on his truck & we were both happy.

    BTW, that CS lady was kinda BSin'... there are some ground workers at the hub on Sat morning (at least in my state) since we are both located in the same business complex.

    they divert stuff like this to HD, but we aren't allowed to divert business closed on Sat to Ground ~ WTF?!? I don't get paid to take it along and slap a doortag on a closed business...
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  8. bbsam

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    We take HD business all the time on Monday...even places like McDonalds.
  9. HomeDelivery

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    but, you are a co-location, correct? that's the only way they can do something like that; there's only 1 co-location in my state...

    they somehow don't want to transfer much in my hub
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    Aren't allowed? You mean you can't make an independent business decision? I'm shocked!:biggrin:
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  11. bbsam

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    if not in a co-location, how do you think they would make the transfer?
  12. M I Indy

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    How then does Ground divert to HD on Sat, as Home Delivery stated. Hmm......could it be........control?
  13. prodriver

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    Said contractor had to agree to make transfer and he did since customer requested, also at co-locations a lot of contractors own same area HD/ground to do such transfers and cut area down.
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    This is what happens when you have multiple opcos all with their own rules and way of doing things. Notice how he used an Express logo instead of HD or Ground? Just goes to show that 95% of customers don't know there is a difference between all the opcos. Hell half my customers think we all operate out of the same building and see each other every day.

    I wouldn't call this poor customer service on Grounds part just because the customer doesn't know there is a difference between Ground and HD. More bad education on FedEx's part because most customers can't tell the difference between any of us.
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  15. CJinx

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    Not sure what the issue is here; the clerk can't promise a time because they can't force ISPs deliver in a specific window unless it's a premium service package (appt, evening). Best they can do is get an eta from the driver(who aren't always cooperative) and let the consignee know.
  16. hypo hanna

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    [quote="CJinx, post: ] Best they can do is get an eta from the driver(who aren't always cooperative) and let the consignee know.[/quote]

    They aren't cooperative or they are making decisions as Independent Contractors. Doing what's best for their business?
  17. HomeDelivery

    HomeDelivery Well-Known Member

    well in my case, someone from the Ground hub #1234 had to load stuff into a straight truck/stepvan... then drive it to the HD #4567 hub in the same complex (less than a mile away ~ so it wasn't that bad)

    another hub i used to work at had the HD & Ground locations a mile apart (2 traffic lights) & they would or would not do the same thing... depending on how lazy they were that saturday

    i was a swing / cover driver in that new area that saturday & had no idea of my ETA to the customer's address, so i CYA and gave them a late time
  18. bbsam

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    They aren't cooperative or they are making decisions as Independent Contractors. Doing what's best for their business?[/quote]
    Both depending on what mood I happen to be in on any given day.
  19. CJinx

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    Meaning that when asked what time they'll likely be in a particular area (rough 2-3 hour window ideally) they won't give an answer.
  20. STFXG

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    "Sometime between 9 and 5." :)

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