Fedex Ground Hiring Process?

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by gdog1, Jan 15, 2014.

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    First off I understand Fedex Ground is not the greatest job, but my first child was born last week and I'm out of work and need a job. Anyhow, I went to my local Fedex Ground the day before Thanksgiving 2013 and applied for a courier position, they sent me right then for a drug screen. I never heard anything since from them after that, until my last employer called and told me that Fedex Ground contacted him on December 17 wanting reference, it is now January 15, 2014 and I still have yet to hear from them. I know the holidays may slow the process down, so do you think I would have heard from them by now or am I just rushing things??? I tried Fedex Express also back in October and did get called in for an interview to meet with the managers, but still haven't heard from that job either. I did contact the recruiter at Express a month after I met with the managers and she told me that my application is still active but that they take applications in the order that they are received and that the hiring process takes time. Thanks
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    You were a back up for peak at Ground. They didn't end up needing you so you never got called. Try calling the terminal you applied at and asking the manager to post your info as an available driver. If you are in the system and ready to be hired you have a shot at someone offering you a job. Most guys will have hired on the peak help if they needed drivers. Good luck and congrats on the baby.
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    If you have the proper driving experience and a clean MVR - almost any contractor would pick you up. Check Craigslist under the jobs / transportation section as there are many contractors who advertise there.

    The hiring process is often slow for Ground. I believe it took them 2 months to verify my information. :censored2: me off.
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    What's the pay like for FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery? Like the OP, I'm in need of work. But I've heard about how awful FedEx Ground is.

    I've worked 10 years as a courier and process server, mostly as a process server. I know the city I live in like the back of my hand. I don't have any experience in doing bulk deliveries though (I heard FedEx expects their drivers to do upwards of 75 a day).
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    Look elsewhere. Starbucks, for example, pays less than Ground (but not by much), and you actually get benefits. Ground is a road to nowhere, as is Express.
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    I wouldn't be comfortable working at Starbucks or any retail type job.

    How much does Ground pay?
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    Depends on the contractor you're working for. There are a few contractors out there who take care of their drivers, pay them a decent wage with benefits but most contractors will pay you a little more than minimum wage, no benefits, ect.
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    whoa, seriously? I really wouldn't do that kind of work for less than $13 an hour.
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    You may want to look elsewhere.
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    Just saw a FedEx Ground posting on craiglist.
    (had to remove link because account isn't old enough to post link)
    Tue thru Sat
    There is No medical or dental Insurance
    Compensation: Performance based pay on deliveries 300.00 to 700.00 a week

    Yeah, no benefits. 300 to 700? You can guarantee it will be closer to 300. Man, this is a republican wet dream isn't it?