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    How is FedEx Ground in NJ doing this peak? I had a package coming from San Diego that was originally scheduled for delivery last Friday, now scheduled for Tuesday. Of course its peak related but is the terminal in Edison/Woodbridge getting hit especially hard?
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    The ground dudes are all getting bent over a stool right now. The gau 8 is awesome though. You'll eventually get your package man. I think. It is fedex ground so who knows.
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    Jersey is bottlenecking the entire east coast and the network as a whole. If it's shown a scan at the actual delivery terminal you should get it soon. If it's still in a trailer at a hub it might be awhile.
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    Ever sice it's opening a few years back the horror stories about the Woodbridge NJ hub abound. It is often said that Woodbridge is where FXG management careers go to die.
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    Christmas 2016.
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    If past history is any indication the contractor will once again have to shoulder the blame because there's nobody downline from him to blamei it on. Look for tensions between contractors and FXG management to soon reach a boiling point.
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    Its brutal right now. Way behind. I am delivering partial orders every day.
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    Woodbridge got slammed 2 weeks ago and can't keep up. Yard is filled with trailers that can't be unloaded. Handlers are just walking out everyday. Not good for everyone.
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    I recall the absolute dread mgrs expressed upon hearing that they were being sent to Woodbridge. How bad was their agony? Let's put it this way......People have shot themselves for less.
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    Can NJ FedEx drivers pump their own diesel or unleaded if the terminal has a fuel island?