Fedex Ground runs another over

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    Its Domino's all over again.
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    We can only hope. If the media ran with this the way they did with Domino's, the cat would be out of the bag at Ground. This is a major fear for FedEx because it would expose the fact that "you get what you pay for" when it comes to quality, professional drivers. Ground will take anyone with a heartbeat, and then work them 60 hours a week for crap wages and no benefits. It's a recipe for disaster, and the accidents will just keep on happening until the Ground scam is modified.

    Too bad innocent people have to die or get injured because Fred won't allow a ground system that pays a living wage and doesn't allow the high level of exploitation that currently exists. Fred only cares that packages can move cheaply by Ground and that it provides him with a higher profit margin. The dead bodies are a cost of doing business. What a guy.
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    You guys are getting all of this from an accident that is still under investigation?
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    Yes. And this surprises you?
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    Sadly, no.
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    If you drive a truck for a living things are getting scary. The number of other drivers and pedestrians not paying attention is going up daily. Just the other day in the course of a half an hour I had three people step off the curb and into my path. Not a one even so much as glanced in my direction. Luckily, I've had a huge dose of safety drivel pounded into me over the years and I was going slow (because I get paid by the hour) and stopped in plenty of time.
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    While what you say is absolutely true you posted bbsam out of context. The context within what he posted was that certain Express members jumped to the conclusion that the Ground driver was at fault even though the investigation was ongoing.
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    Its a valid point thar this accident is still under investigation but those Express critics didnt get to that conclusion out of the blue. What has been going on in Express lately only points to drivers being pushed into unsafe practices.
    I had heard of a hypothetical check ride from a dispatcher with a route that had been restructured to absorb half of a neighboring route. The dispatcher feared for her life with the way the courier was driving. To cover herself and the driver she sent an email pointing out the dangerous situation to all the managers involved. Nothing was done and less then a month later the driver was involved in serious accident totaling the truck but luckily escaping injury. Because of that hypothetical email, the driver faced no repurcussions and is on the road today. Had the dispatcher not taken that extea step i have no doubt that driver would in the unemployment line today.
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    There is also the issue of the fatality accident in California involving a motorcycle. I assume the investigation is complete, but nothing about the Ground driver being ticketed or found to be at fault but the usual suspects were all over proclaiming Ground at fault.
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    I did this because I wanted to direct my comment, however inane to you, to bbsam. I like him, because however much we disagree he responds to my comments and questions in what is for me an informative way. My comment was directed to him to show while I acknowledged the driver may very well NOT be a fault my training tells me there are ways to avoid no-fault accidents.

    You on the other hand respond negatively to my every post not for what I say but for how I say it.
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    That assumes the consumer truly cares. I believe they don't. There are regional carriers a notch easily below Fedex Ground in your measurements. They are being used because of $$$ and the shipper/receiver cares too much about what happens on it's way as long as it gets there almost always. I can put straight death fatalities on the road any and everywhere and people won't stop to ponder.
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    There is not alot for me to respond to here. I can, however, say that the trend for Ground accidents is almost assuredly trending downward. Why? Because we have started the same "huge dose of safety drivel". The problem does exist however. It's why the company stongly urges a safety bonus program be implemented and why they provide a good deal of money based upon safety compliance.

    Seems a few years ago Ground was about to be dropped by Protective Insurance. We are self-insured up to $3 million dollars but above that Protective pays...and they were paying alot. After Ground shopped around and found out what kind of crap reputation they had earned themselves, they began the Safety Compliance Adendum to the contract. Strangely enough, I have found that when money is attached to the expectations for my drivers, both accidents and complaints dropped immediately. So while my drivers don't get paid by the hour, there is still a fair amount of money attached to safe and conscientious work methods.
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    Trending downward? Maybe Ground just has a lot of catastrophic accidents instead of fender-benders.
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    The numbers a relatively similar for express and ground based on miles driven. Ground is slightly higher in fatalities based on miles but express is higher on injuries.

    Likely from the number of tractor trailers ran by ground.
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    You mean, the number of Ground tractor-trailers in the ditch, or upside down, or on top of somebody's car, or ....
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    Nah I just mean get off your dopey high horse and look up the numbers for yourself. The safety record for express should be far superior based on compensation. But it's not.
    Ground drivers are just as safe as express guys. The main difference is we can't hire guys off the street. Our employees actually have to have some experience.
  18. bbsam

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    Those numbers should be pretty easy to find based on DOT number.
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    in another contractor/driver incident with a fatality, both were charged with manslaughter because they knew that the brakes were worn & some tires were under DOT specs (2/32")... this wasn't a fedex unit, but it raised the question to keep your vehicle in good condition or you'll lose 2-4 CSA points (whatever that means to the contractor)

    contractors, when i tell you that the parking brake isn't holding the vehicle & the brake fluid level is low, that means your rear pads/shoes are wearing out... get them checked ASAP!

    i also had a rental vehicle that the Preventative Maintenance was done 5000 miles / 2 months ago & the oil change grease monkey didn't really performed the checklist... found 3 of the 4 tires "bald" (under 2/32"). Had to exchanged that boxvan for another.

    my terminal red-flagged 2 or 3 vehicles recently because of bad tires as well... so they had to get rentals until their vehicles had new tires put on. I know we don't need deep treaded tires this time of year, but when it rains, hydroplaning isn't fun.

    driving a 26' straight truck would think the driver will pay more attention to the task at hand, but i'll wait to see what the conclusion is
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    OK, Dano.....