fedex ground teamsters?


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Where can I get more information about the Teamsters organizing fedex drivers? The driver that I knew that passed out information about the union was fired a few months later.


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Press ReleaseSource: FedEx Corp.

Teamsters Back Out of FedEx Home Delivery Election
Tuesday January 29, 10:56 am ET Withdrawal Signals Union Defeat in the Face of Contractors' Desire to Remain Independent

PITTSBURGH--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Teamsters voluntarily canceled an organizing election scheduled for February 1, 2008 at the FedEx Home Delivery facility in Worcester, Massachusetts. The withdrawal signals a defeat for the union, which was seeking to organize FedEx owner operators in Worcester.
“This is a complete victory for FedEx Home Delivery contractors in Worcester and a total defeat for the Teamsters,” said Paul Callahan, FedEx Ground’s Senior Vice President of Contractor Relations. “These 18 independent contractors sent a clear message to the union that they want to remain just that – independent. As small business owners, they want to make business decisions for themselves, without third-party interference. At FedEx Home Delivery, we believe contractors have the right to make their own decisions and we will continue to defend their right to do so.”
February’s election was originally scheduled to take place in 2006, but the Teamsters delayed it with legal maneuvers. This is the Teamsters’ fourth failed attempt to organize contractors in Worcester. “We appreciate the relationship we have with our contractors,” Callahan said. “Moreover, we support our contractors’ desire to manage and grow their own businesses and to continue delivering the exceptional service our mutual customers in Massachusetts have come to expect.”


Your days are coming. After the teamsters organize UPS Freight, they will be going after fedex.

My source comes directly from a Temaster organizer.