FedEx Ground transit times

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    I ordered something that was unfortunately, shipped FedEx Ground. It was picked up Monday PM and brought to the main hub/terminal but is scheduled delivery for Thursday. UPS Ground would have delivered this yesterday (one day, only 200 miles).

    Is this normal?
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    When customers ask how long it will take for a ground package to get somewhere, I have found the best advice I can give them is it gets there when it gets there.

    I have heard about packages taking anywhere from 2 days, from across the country to 2 weeks from the same shipper to the same address.
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    fedex ground is faster than ups ground in more areas. So it's not normal.
  4. As you should know, it all depends on time of pickup. If the pickup was late or delayed because of the shipper, etc. then their package(s) will be processed at the best earliest convenience. Picked up today sorted tomorrow. Gotta make your cut off, to allow for the best processing of freight. Hot or Cold, trust me I have had shipments with both companies where I opted for a faster service, guess what, if I ask for one day but order my crap at 5 p.m. today, I ain't getting it on Thursday. Fn package monkeys don't know their own business.
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