FedEx in top 100 companies

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    What makes it so great?
    FedEx reinstated merit salary increases and half of the 401(k) match that was suspended a year ago amidst the economic slump; package deliverer laid off 1,000 salaried workers, less than 1% of the global workforce.
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    Why isn't UPS on this list?
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    FedEx doesn't deserve to be in the Top 100 of anything, except being able to bamboozle the people who put this list together.
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    Similar discussion taking place in the the FedEx forums.

    FedEx was recognized for its efforts to minimize layoffs (1000 Globally) and minimize the impact of the recession on its people. UPS was more agressive at cutting jobs and consolidating routes. UPS is a great company but it did what it had to do to remain profitable. I'm sure UPS stock holders and happier then FedEx stock holders as brown is much closer to capacity then purple.