Fedex Investigated For Illegal Drug Transportation

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by NonyaBiznes, Nov 23, 2012.

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    FedEx is just as guilty. There are only a couple options. Either they knew they were committing illegal acts or they were too stupid to know they shouldn't be shipping it. Either way, I can only hope the pigs running this company are thrown in a federal prison and abused by the inmates for all the misery they serve up their employees. I find it amusing how regardless of how much money these pigs make, they're just a bunch of overpaid idiots. I get to see a lot and most of it doesn't impact me because of my role. They deserve whatever they get. Dummies.....
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    Not just 'pills' but I've noticed, and I am sure you all have as well, that FedEx and other carriers don't do much to check for drugs being shipped.

    Edit: I am new to the company, so I haven't seen much, and am only going off my small view.
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    Right, they put the onus on the shipper to ship legally. How do you know what is inside the box? Do you guys want to open each box to? The point Fedex makes in the article is they have asked the gov't years ago for a list of illegal companies, they haven't shared the data, so Fedex/UPS do not know, who's legit or not.
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    Right. Every shipper should automagically know the contents of the packages that they pick up and deliver.

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    I know for a fact management has looked the other way when outbound packages that reek of weed and not even bother to investigate these suspicious pigs. I believe that's a federal offense. The only time they do anything is when the sheriff is here with his dog and security. This is the attitude this company has. They look the other way collecting the money until they get caught.
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    The article has to do with online pharmacies......not individuals shipping weed, etc.
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    I have seen mgt stop and open many suspect packages containing weed and other fraud items. Our station takes it pretty seriously.
    odd story:
    Had a recpt. call the sheriff on a co-worker claiming he stole from a pkg. and claimed it was in fact weed that was missing. The courier did not resi_release as it was an unsecure location. What a moron

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    Good job, Dan. This is a big company. You're implying that at no point should someone from FedEx asked the question, laid out the laws or company policy as it ships different medication. If this company could validate that it did it's absolute best or even a marginal attempt, it wouldn't be held in violation of the law. It's called gross negligence and we should be prosecuted to the highest letter of the law. I'm surprised at how stupid this company shows itself to be over and over again. Once again, the pigs in this corporation will do anything to move the share price and it usually fails.
  10. TUT

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    If you owned a shipping company that you wanted to keep afloat, what would you do? If you don't have to do it, aka the law isn't telling you straight up "you have to know what it in it as you are as responsible as the shipper themselves" then why would you take on the added responsibility and cost. Hello, lets thinks about this a bit. It's not because UPS/Fedex/USPS is bad, but you can bring the whole system down if you would have to verify every package. Common sense tells us what we can really do or not.

    Why wouldn't the gov't give the shipping companies which shippers are doing it illegally and simply have them cancel those contracts? That only makes a ton of sense and they would both comply and neither is losing business to the competitor in that case either. It's a no-brainer. It would be if the gov't told you X,Y,Z is illegal and stop business immediately, then if UPS/Fedex didn't stop there is your case against the small package carrier company. I can tell you this, state govt's for wine have done this for carriers and shippers.
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    I don't see that at all. If there is no regulation (which I don't know) then you can't expect anyone to invent requirements for themselves that aren't needed. That doesn't mean they don't do anything at all, ever. I know local pkg retailers have called the carriers on questionable packages and sometimes turn a blind eye and sometimes follow through, again what is the regulation for turning a blind eye? For example back to wine, you need ABC licenses to ship state by state and those have to be handed over to the carriers to keep on file. There is a well defined process there and the carriers know it, now if they fail to comply, then you are correct, they should have to pay that price. But do we know if there is a regulatory board for this? What is the process for knowing if medication A is legal or medication B is illegal? Where is the regulatory board for simply allowing these places to exist? In wine, they keep track of movement routinely and will alert any carrier/shipper when there is an issue of concern. I don't see this proper structure here at all or any article talking about what regulations that are in place that the carriers aren't abiding to. It sounds as if the carriers simply have to know these things without any guidelines or regulations in place, that doesn't pass the smell test to me.

    Now on another note... You mention prosecution, in violation of the law. Now if you believe that illegal drugs are bad (because hey who knows who made them and with what), then you do agree gov't and regulations are needed. I say this as there are some amongst us that feel gov't and regulation is the root of all our economic problems today. However I know it's a necessity because way too many people are scammers and black market feeders and without regulations it would be many times worse then what we have today. How those against gov't and regulation keep forgetting that human trait, is so far beyond me. There is a proper balance in all of this and extremes either way (like about everything in life) is no good.

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    They do it with wine shippers. Yet not with online pharmaceuticals. Prescription drug abuse is on the rise and especially with young people in large part because it's so easy to obtain. And its companies like FedEx who look the other way in the name of profit which has made this problem worse.
  13. TUT

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    I do surrender I do not know pharmaceutical regulations when it comes to shipping. However reading articles on this, I see no one pointing to UPS or Fedex for breaking Laws A, B and C. I do see the carriers stating things as if there are not proper regulations on this, nor any type of lists given to them on who they should stop transporting goods for immediately. Why not? And until those things happen, how can they have any liability in this?

    Fedex and UPS would not do anything special for wine if there weren't regulations. They wouldn't collect ABC's, they wouldn't mark boxes, require 21 years etc. But since there are proper regulations for it... Guess what? Both companies do their part in abiding by it. Sounds like this case is cart before the horse and someone not named Fedex/UPS has to get their act in gear first.

    No matter what is done regulation wise there will always be a black market. Now to stop that more would be requiring the carriers, including USPS to open up every package. Costs would rise a lot. Are we (Americans) really ready for that cost increase? Is that what we really want? Is it really a better world that way? Is it really even possible? This would then be challenged in court on privacy grounds.

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    It has to start somewhere. FedEx has the right to open and inspect any package thought to contain anything illegal, dangerous,etc. It is illegal to distribute controlled substances without proper certification and paperwork. You don't just go down to your local pharmacy plop down $ 100 and say I would like some vicodin without a prescription. We are no different. If management suspects a shipper is shipping something illegal then they need to take the appropriate action.
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    Yes and that would be with gov't regulation for something like this, no place else.

    As for Fedex has the right, ok. But if they did and the competition didn't they wouldn't stay in business. But it's not that they don't know there is medication in the box... there is nothing telling them that this company cannot ship medication. That must be the part you aren't seeing. In terms of proving subscription, that is totally new regulations needs and then there would be new forms etc that would need to accompany the package like DG. Again this starts out as a gov't requirement not a carrier. A carrier couldn't and wouldn't do this.

    "It is illegal to distribute controlled substances without proper certification and paperwork", obviously not with small package carriers. This isn't about all medications shipping, it's about illegal medication companies to begin with and stopping them. So legit medication companies (Tricare etc), can ship Fedex/UPS without any special paperwork on the carriers side. Now I'm sure the shipping company has reports they have to supply to governing agencies, but not on the carriers side if non-dg.
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    Serves them right. On more than one occasion I have been threatened with my job for questioning possible illegal shipments. Alcohol without signature requirements/badging, hazmats without paperwork, witnessing a manager cut off hazmat placards and giving the box to HD, guns shipped to people without FFL, drugs shipped to the same single residence under 10 different names, big boxes of pot! etc.

    I'm told that we're not the police and it is the shippers responsibility not ours to determine if they are in violation or not.
    I don't like the idea of this crap being on a truck if it is not legal.
  17. TUT

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    The things you mention above that they make you do are regulated and there are methods in place to follow, otherwise possible fines will be issued. What this story is alluding to is there is no regulation at all in place for it, so it's not possible to police without it. And as it stands right now, by contract it is the shippers responsibility to abide by the laws of the land, govt's have looked it over and at least they came to the sensible conclusion "it's not really possible to open ALL packages world wide and examine them". Thus the onus is on the shipper.

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    Sure they cant open every pkg or catch every illegal shipment but they don't have to look the the other way or play dumb when it ts obvious. I have personally witnessed this with packages that obviously contained weed. When brought to their attention they smelled it looked at it then through it back in the container. They Simply do not care and don't want take the time and resources to address this. These shippers know that FedEx will let these small shipments through the system and take advantage of it. In essence FedEx and UPS are the new drug mules across state lines.
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    This is a whole other thing from what the article is about. I've seen them go both ways, I'm not sure where the laws are at requiring carriers to do anything based on smell of street drugs. I know it could get ugly if you push too far, perhaps to a point it puts drivers in harms way more. Just sayin, be careful for what you ask for, these aren't easy things to deal with, desperate people and all.

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