FedEx Involvement in 2013 Super Bowl

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    Although FedEx has not had any Super Bowl commercials since 2008, the company had still spent millions of dollars in advertizing and is placing more emphasis on "nontraditional" advertising. For example, and according to data from Kantar Media, for the first 10 months of 2011, FedEx spent about $73.5 million, with about $48 million of that earmarked for broadcast.

    Instead of running a spot in the Super Bowl this year, FedEx is participating via lower-key ad avenues. Working with its creative and media agencies, the company is sponsoring the Shazam app's Super Bowl tie-up. As many as one-third of this year's spots will be enabled for Shazam, which will let viewers rank the commercials, view ones from the past, look up football stats and more.

    Also, as the "Official Delivery Service Sponsor of the NFL", FedEx Express also took good publicity and the honor of delivering, on time, the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

    Another FedEx 2013 Super Bowl involvement is the opening of the first-ever Lemonade Stand in the Super Bowl XLVII Media Center. The project works by enlisting NFL stars to help and show Junior Achievement students how to run a small business. So there you have it; Mr. Smith is selling limonade at the big game!!! :surprised:

    On a side note and not necessarily SB XVVII related, FedEx has been donating B727's left and right, (read tax breaks) for training purposes. Since 1995, FedEx has donated over 50 airplanes to charities, museums, aviation schools and airports.

    All these from a company that categorizes itself in crisis by "losing money", while at the same time taking away employees' benefits, micro-managing, and negating any raises to front-line employees.
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    One of those donated 727's sits on the tarmac at our local airport and is used by the local aeronautical institute.

    With Super Bowl ads going for $4M it makes sense to use alternate means of advertising.
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    Actually $3.7 to 3.8 million per 30 seconds.
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    Actually I read today, that FedEx delivered the Lombardi Trophy to New Orleans

    FedEx transports Vince Lombardi Trophy for the first time The Commercial Appeal
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    I just briefly thought about the crapstorm that would ensue if the courier skipped town with the trophy and threw it on ebay or something.
    Or misdelivered it.
    Or broke it.


    I only thought about it being misdelivered.....hhhmmm Would really hate to be that courier. "Sir, I need to retrieve that trophy to take it to the proper recipient.." "What trophy dips&*t?"