Fedex is like a Plantation

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    With Fred playing the part that Leo played in Django!django-unchained-leonardo-dicaprio.jpgfredslaveowner.jpg
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    Master Colonel Jefferson Davis Frederick Weasel Smith does not like being disrespected. You are confined to your quarters and will receive no slop today. Your cotton-picking CBPH (Cotton Balls Per hour) has been raised by 100%.
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    "And here is your DRA manifest of cotton tree picking order "
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    Master Colonel Jefferson Davis Frederick Weasel Smith says "Shut Up Slave and scan packages faster faster":angry:

    Fedex Slave: Yes Master want more than 500 scans/hr.???:funny:

    Master Smith: Yes slave...or you will be replaced!:sad-very:
  5. MrFedEx

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    Smith: Ahhh... Magnolias!!
  6. cachsux

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    Not really. Slave owners actually valued their workers.
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    [TD="width: 100%"][/TD]
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    [TD="colspan: 2"]You want to talk about the need for a raise let's share what the average FedEx Ground and Home Delivery driver makes. As advertised by contractors and Kelly Temp services trying to lure in more suckers the pay ranges from $550 - $700 weekly. So lets say the average driver makes $650 weekly and works on average 12 hours daily. That works out to a whooping $10.83 an hour to work your ass off with no lunch hour, few if any breaks and NO BENEFITS!!!!! Talk about slave labor. This company is run like a sweat shop! I hate FedEx![/TD]
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    Great analogy. FedEx Ground is the American equivalent of a offshore sweat shop. If you think about it, Fred has taken the exploitation of workers just about as far as it can go given our current economy and government.
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    Getting more and more dramatic around here.
  10. bbsam

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    Should MFE screw his courage to the sticking post, he would not fail! (apologies to Shakespeare and Macbeth). Hows that for dramatic?!
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    We all know how big of a drama queen you are...
  12. bbsam

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    unwashed, unlearned heathen....
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    Actually, I've been accused of being Quixotic (tilting at windmills and such).
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    I'm finally up to speed with this thread. There is a new book out (for real) called "Fred Smith's FedEx Plantation", by Gary Grant Rullo Sr. $14.95 at I'll be ordering my copy tomorrow.
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    WOW, indeed Mr. Rullo makes pretty strong allegations against FedEx/FS including racism, discrimination, criminal conspiracy, fraud, and drug smuggling, among others. You can read a bit of what's in the book on Amazon. You'll be amazed.
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    I just browsed the summary. That sounds somewhat normal to me. That must be a bad thing if I just thought that right?
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    in other words, it's a documentary