FedEx mounts big-money push to head off unionization by US workers


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FedEx mounts big-money push to head off unionization by US workers - The Guardian

Teamsters bid to organize employees seeking better pay and benefits as company bombards them with anti-union messages

FedEx workers hoping to unionize and get better pay and benefits have met with a well-financed barrage of opposition from the company, according to recordings obtained by the Guardian.

Workers who charge that their benefits are less than at rival UPS said the company has bombarded them with anti-union messages and forced them to attend anti-union meetings.

The Guardian obtained recordings of meetings that were mandatory and required workers to sign in, according to a FedEx employee, held at FedEx facilities in 2015 and 2016, where managers and union avoidance consultants lectured workers on unions as the Teamsters was attempting to organize FedEx drivers at several locations around the United States.


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@Fred's Myth stated, this was for the freight opco, not ground.

But around here, the ground workers are getting a $2 / hour bump in pay...

Most drivers of subcontractors get this:



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the proper term is former Marine.......and your points are well point stands due to the failure of the teamsters to organize friend.d.x regardless of any/all excuses