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    I was thinking today after hearing one of the airlines would plant a tree for each passenger they carried today. So I figure we'd hear Fred tell the world that Fedex would plant a tree for every package we deliver on Earth Day, seeing as it falls on a Sunday.
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    I think on Monday all Fedex personnel will be ordered to refrain from exhaling as not to release any green house gasses! Feel free to inhale, just don't let it out.
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    No no they instead(a few weeks ago) released new envelopes that are "green" unfortunately all FedEx does is buy carbon offsets instead of making a difference... 95+% of the waste that leaves our facility weekly is paper, and it goes straight to the landfill.
    We could have several options:
    -set up a recycling dumpster instead(and thus reducing the non recycling amount)
    -actually reduce the amount we produce, we print reports just to throw them away.
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    2 HD terminals that i worked out of knows this...

    they have recycling buckets for plastic/AL cans and another for paper.

    one terminal is doing better than the other to keep waste down to a minimum

    while the other doesn't care either way

    my brother's town has those huge recycle buckets with a barcode; they get incentives, like discounted coupons for local businesses for recycling their stuff. I used to load up on paper, swing over & put it in his bucket so he can maximize his earnings :P
  5. one of the posters in the break room says 'Fedex Cares' or something and one of the bullet points is that all of four stations in the continental united states are making partial use of solar power. probably potemkin solar power too, in california or new york or something, so some idiot rolling past in a prius sees them and thinks 'wow, how conscious, I'm going to have my next plasma tv overnighted by express'


    What gets me about the Prius-weenies, sorry if I offend anyone..I like my vehicles big, loud, fast and American, is that they are supposed to be so "enviro-conscious and use the electric portion and hyper-mile the crap out of the things. I usually see them running 75-80 (and struggling) on the highway and I know that the mileage is only going to be in the low to mid 20's. They make me laugh. I can drive my Dodge on the highway and use some simple techniques and get those numbers.

    A Prius is just a symbol for the wanna-be's.
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    Electric cars sound great, but in reality they cause just as much damage to the earth as gasoline. Yes the co2 emmisions may be less, but the majority of electricity is mainly generated by coal, and coal mining leads to just as many negative impacts as oil usage. The difference is impacts from coal usage arent in the media as much so of course electric cars get better PR.
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The electricity I use is generated by water (Hydro Quebec).
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    Yeah, F.O.'d "First Over the fence"
    Love that screen name btw, had to look up what a 19 was. Ha ha ha.

    Not to mention how damaging the innards of those batteries are to the environment. Oh well, China doesn't mind so, we should be all set.

    Upstate NY gets hydro-elec. power from Quebec?
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Yes--our electricity comes from Hydro Quebec.