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    I applied for Fedex a week or so ago online, I got a call from them a few days later asking Can you lift such and such and can you pass a background test and so fourth. A few days later I get a call from a women asking if I could come in for a drug test and also bring my high school and college transcripts, I come in and give her my license and the transcripts and she goes and makes copies and comes back with a paper saying that I'm offered a part time non-dot position blah blah blah and has me sign it. I do and then she says that I'll get a email in the next few days telling me the time and place to show up so I can watch people do the job I'm going to do. She then has me drive over to the drug testing place to get tested. I complete the test and now I'm waiting for a email telling me when to show up.

    Questions are,
    • Does this mean I'm officially hired and that once I pass the drug test, background, and any sort of training, I've got the job? Or am I still in the "potential candidates" stage?
    • What should I wear to the "introduction" of the job? Street Clothes or button up and slacks?
    • I didn't have any sort of interview, Will I have to sit down and have one or did I bypass that?
    • Could someone list the benfits of said job? I heard someone say something about jumpsitting with the company planes for free?

    Any other tips, advice, or opinions on anything about the job, management, company, etc are welcome.
    Just trying to work while I'm in college. Hopefully I'm not staying at the job for more then a year and a half.
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    Is it with FedEx Express or Ground? Jumpseating was only with Express, and they ended it after 9/11/2001. Generally if they send you for a drug screen they intend to hire you as long as you pass. I wouldn't mention leaving in a year and a half, they may decide it's not worth their investment in you.
  3. Gak242

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    Express, and Wasn't planning on it. ;)
  4. Express Courier

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    You got the job.

    Wear your normal clothes. Don't dress up for that lol. And once you start, wear your yardwork clothes until you get your uniform gear.
  5. MrFedEx

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    Run like the wind, as if you were being chased by a rabid pit bull.
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    You will probably need to be finger printed before you can start as well. The hiring process here dragged on for a while.. But then again this station (like most I assume) is not very organized.
  7. Express Courier

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    I know that's your standard answer but he's just looking for work temporarily while finishing college. A little PT handler position is the perfect job for that. 4-6 hours handling packages beats flipping burgers or doing customer service for 8 hours.
  8. hypo hanna

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    I agree, as long as he sees it as a "throw away job", he should be fine. The thing he needs to be wary of is getting injured. Just like its a throw away job to the employee, he is a throw away employee to FedEx. Be careful, don't take any risk or attempt any heroics on behalf of the customer or the company. You get hurt on the job and they will find a way to get rid of you.
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    I started as a PH, it's a great deal you get paid to work out. I don't know why people knock it. I was never in better shape in my life, unloading 1300 packages an hour(these are ground boxes as well 100lb+).

    Listen to the management and take the safety culture seriously, everyone I work with and who works for me appreciates that we actually care about you leaving the same way you came in. Don't listen to these other people saying it's a throw away job, no PH who's done a good job for me hasn't gotten the best recommendation for any job they apply for from me. Not to mention if you do a good job you move up, it's that simple. Hydrate and eat before your shift. You'd be surprised all you can learn about life and work from moving some boxes.

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    Cough, cough, bullsheet.
  11. HuckToohey

    HuckToohey You are entering a world of pain.

    Just make ABSOLUTELY sure this position is temporary to get you through college. Don't make the mistake of abandoning your goals for the promises and hype that will surely come your way.