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  1. ups clerk

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    Has anybody heard what the status is on the FedEx railway act? When will it be heard and voted on?
  2. browned out

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    The subcontracting act is as important as the railway act bill. Fed ex calling their ground drivers independent contractors is a joke and I believe congress will get em. Think of all the revenue being lost by fedex cheating the system.
  3. govols019

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    Wow, that Fred Smith is a real class act, ain't he? To hear him explain it you would think Fed-Ex would go out of business overnight if the status quo changed.
  4. airbusfxr

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    FDX is an airline with trucks. UPS is a truck company with airplanes. Rules are rules.
  5. BluegrassJack

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    Wow...that's deep. I suppose next you'll tell us "it is what it is."
  6. airbusfxr

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    Well whats the deal, FDX was started under FAR121, it is an airline and it employees are airline employees. UPS is under the trucking rules and has a small, money losing, worthless airline. Why would the law need to change to make FDX change the way it is goverened for over 40 years? OBTW ups airline mechanics, under that RLA of 1929 have been without a contract for almost 5 years, I bet you would like to work for 5 years without a raise or benefit enhancement.
  7. Broke

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    You people always amuse me. I'm a courier at express and we deliver packages out of a truck not from an airplane or helicopter. I don't know how many times we have to go over this, but a driver is a driver, not a damn pilot!!
  8. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    Hey guys, airbus is stating what is, not what he thinks. What he posted is the way it is set up legally, and that is what needs to be changed. We all know that both companies do exactly the same thing everyday. It is a to be union/non union situation.

    I dont think that it will pass. Obama said that Fred was the businessman he most admired out of all the business people in the world. You dont say that about someone unless you mean it.

    Are you listening all you union thugs that have hitched your stars to the Obama express????? HE thinks the most anti-union exec out there is the one he most admires.

    BTW, I believe that the true union members, the ones that actually work for a living and not rabble rouse, are much more conservative than the unions leaders would like to think. It wont be long before the leaders will again use force to keep the members toeing the line. JMHO

    Pssst, hey Broke, go tell that to Freddie. He obviously dont get it yet either. Air bus was quoting him and his position on the issue.

  9. airbusfxr

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    FDX has one unionized group, the pilots. The aircraft mechanics are non-union and take what is thrown on the plate. We have tried to unionize those guys and they would rather have Fred give them what he thinks they are worth. The FAA Reautho bill has so much attached to it that it will not pass in its current langauge. I understand most UPS employees could care less about the mechanics, but in 2013 you will be in the same situation except you will either accept or decline the offer. Our contract expired years ago and UPSCO has let 2006 turn into 2010 and WE not just airbusfxr are upset over these actions. We are only asking for a fair contract and UPS, by using the RLA of 1929 can stall till we are released from mediation with the intent to strike. Like I always say "if ups needs help, I will give back".
  10. Broke

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    I was just quoting my position on the issue. Even a 2 year old could understand the difference between a pilot and a truck driver. I guess if you have as much money as Smith then you can turn reality into whatever you want it to be.
  11. airbusfxr

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    FDX was chartered under FAR121 in the 1970s, UPS was chartered in the 1920s and updated to make sure they are under the NRLB. Again FDX is under the NMB and it is was it is, like someone quoted. The best thing to do is Google FAA Reautho Bill and you can read the details. The main thing is that UPS wants FDX to be able to strike but their employees would never attack Fred Smith. I have friends that mechanic and fly at FDX and IT IS a different enviroment. FDX takes care of their people, WE make more, have better benefits and have contractual wording to keep UPS somewhat playing within the guidelines. Fred and John Kerry are big friends and the Dems have other things better to do, BUT they did take UPS's kickbacks, or contributions to be fair, but again it is what it is.
  12. happybob

    happybob Feeders

    Once dear fred decided to get into the ground business he opened himself up to this change. I'll agree that your airline pilots can stay under the RLA if you can agree that all your truck drivers should be under the NLRA. I doubt you will agree, so there for, get rid of your ground businees and go back to being an express company. airline...its a freakin delivery company you clown.
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  13. Signature Only

    Signature Only Blue in Brown

    I agree with "happybob" that Fred started this when he got into the ground business. With current federal/state deficits, I don't think his political contributions/lobbying can keep the independent contractor model going. I hope ground drivers are freed to be true contractors or made employees of fedex and classified under the NLRA. But I doubt either will happen soon.
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  14. MrFedEx

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    You are lying, sir. FDX takes care of their execs and pilots. Everyone else, including our aircraft mechanics, get thrown under the bus as second-class citizens. Sorry, but there are lots of employees who would like nothing better than to "attack" Smith. Get your "facts" right. Oh yeah, we move our air and deliver it exactly the way UPS does. The airplane hauls cans from Point A to Point B, a feeder truck takes it to the center, and then it goes out on the road in a truck, not an airplane. Our pilots won't even dirty their special little hands touching a filthy pkg. Delivering a box would be far beneath their lofty status. The RLA deal is special legislation for Fred Smith, courtesy of his conservative buddies, plain and simple. Use your brain please.
  15. bbsam

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    I believe Ground is already covered under the NLRA
  16. happybob

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    The company never should have been under the RLA in the first place. That was supposed to cover airlines, which Fed-ex is not. It's a delivery company that was handed a sweet entry into the delivery business without having to allow local union elections. The pilots can be covered under the RLA, but every damm truck driver should be under the NLRA.
  17. MrFedEx

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    You're right. FedEx is a delivery company that uses airplanes to move it's pkgs...just like UPS. Why should the two be considered as separate but unequal? Our pilots are already union (ALPA) because they're smart enough to know what a scheming weasel Fred Smith is. Kudos to them for telling Fred to stick it, but us non-union folks are subsidizing those fat paychecks.
  18. pretzel_man

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    A long time ago (very long ago) when I was in college, they taught me how to flowchart processes.

    Are you saying that if I flowcharted how FedEx moves an air package from origin to destination vs. how UPS does, I would see a difference? That's what they taught us to do to find process differences. If that's the case, please explain.

    Of course, why let logic to get in the way of rules.

  19. fxdwg

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    It is interesting to se which sides of the argument people take.
    I agree that an "Airline" is People-carrying as understood at the time of the Regulation.
    Cargo / Express /Air Taxi / etc. weren't around then. At least not in a number that would bring attention at the meeting where these regs. were formulated.

    Idiots that keep blowing the same jerky BS need to get their clocks cleaned and a dose of reality injected