FedEx readies campaign against UPS over labor bill

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    FedEx readies campaign against UPS over labor bill - Associated Press via Google

    FedEx Corp. is set to launch a multimillion dollar marketing campaign on Tuesday against chief rival UPS Inc., arguing the world's largest shipping carrier is the driving force behind a bill that would make it easier for FedEx workers to unionize.

    The bill currently before Congress would switch FedEx to the jurisdiction of the National Labor Relations Act from the National Railway Labor Act. The Railway Labor Act allows workers to organize, if all workers vote on a union at the same time. That has been a roadblock to unions that could not afford nationwide organizing campaigns.
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    Hats off to UPS and the Teamsters joining forces on this issue. Fred Smith & Fed Ex have had a free lunch for way to long. For as long as I've been around (and thats a long, long, long time) I have yet to see a Fed Ex airplane on the street making deliveries or pick-ups. They drive the same kind of trucks that we do! Maybe when they start making their deliveries by plane (lets see them leave it "out of sight. out of the weather" from 20,000 feet) I'll believe they should be covered under the RLA.

    Fred Smith is a punk and a scab! :angry:

    I will PERSONALLY consider it an honor and a privilege to campaign and organize RIGHT IN HIS FACE! Let him TRY to fire me!

    Right on UPS & Jim Hoffa! I got your front, back and side on this one!

    Let's give our brothers & sisters at Fed Ex the same rights as we enjoy!

    I might be old but I still got a lot of fire left in me!

    639 Old Timer