FedEx says security works, sees healthy peak season

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    FedEx says security works, sees healthy peak season - Reuters

    FedEx Corp security systems worked when an explosive package from Yemen was detected in the company's Dubai facility last week, an executive said on Wednesday.

    "In the most recent situation, a shipment from Yemen moved on a commercial carrier, and when it got to Dubai and tried to enter our network, screening procedures were in place to not allow that to happen," Don Colleran, FedEx executive vice president of global sales, said at a Goldman Sachs conference.

    The Memphis, Tennessee-based company also said it was "cautiously optimistic, and have been," about the holiday season.
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    Becareful of how proud you are about security. This is like bragging at work about not having a accident and when you least expect it, WHAMO hit while parked...
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    Maybe the security procedures in the Middle East would work, but there are numerous holes in the U.S. system.