FedEx Seen Caught in Shipping Shift as Cheap Trumps Quick

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    FedEx Seen Caught in Shipping Shift as Cheap Trumps Quick - Bloomberg

    The operator of the world’s largest cargo airline may be seeing a more permanent change in its market, as customers turn to cheaper, slower ground deliveries and even ocean shipping. It’s an evolution that threatens to touch United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) and Deutsche Post AG (DPW)’s DHL Worldwide Express, too.

    “There has been a secular shift from ‘got to get it there overnight’ to more deferred products,” said Jeff Kauffman, a Sterne Agee & Leach Inc. analyst in New York. “Not because they can’t afford it, but because they are finding out the deferred choices are just as time specific.”
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    No offense to FedEx, but I prefer UPS delivering my packages. That was my feeling long before I started working here, too.
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    None taken.
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    This is why UPS is just a better company. FedEx is designed to prosper on their air capabilities but honestly what's the point in overnighting it if you can get it for sure in 4 days. Heck I just got a package on amazon and with standard shipping got it in 4 days as promised
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    Wow! This is quite sobering. I work for Express and like it there. I certainly understand the shift some customers have taken toward shipping more by ground. But there still are and will remain a lot of companies that need it there the next day. A smaller group, apparently. From my perspective, can you say "Increasing healthcare plan costs"?
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    6 year old thread, whatever shift they were making it has done,shifted another way
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    Yes I just caught that. Obviously, the market swung in another direction.