FedEx shareholders look for spike in global volume

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    FedEx shareholders look for spike in global volume - Reuters

    As investors struggle to shake fears -- fueled by European debt and U.S. unemployment -- of a double-dip recession, shareholders of FedEx Corp (FDX.N) are looking elsewhere for signs of economic growth.

    Investors will be watching when FedEx reports its fiscal fourth-quarter results on Wednesday, eager to learn what the world's largest express cargo airline is seeing in its international business.

    "It's the most anticipation for an earnings report that I've seen in a while," said transportation analyst Kevin Sterling of BB&T Capital Markets. "If they're seeing strength, fears of a double-dip may go on the back burner."

    Both FedEx and rival UPS Inc (UPS.N), the world's largest package delivery firm, handle so many packages their results are a key barometer of economic health, as shipping volumes rise in boom times and fall during recessions.