Fedex taking care of there employees

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  1. Fedex cares for you so much. All pm drivers must work regular hours on new years eve. So stay out there and get those 1900 drop boxes at regular time on new years eve. Dont mind the ups guy getting time and a half workin that day either. They're evil.. Thats how much we appreciate your hard work out here in memphis.
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    How about the PT PM'ers who get the 2nd off, and FT people have to run their areas that night.
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    It's "their".
  4. DorkHead

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    And that`s what he posted.............????
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    Really? Title of the thread must have me confused...or something.
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    Ohhh, I didn`t see that. Hahahaha
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    Who Cares ..................................................................................I bet you never ever make a mistake
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    All the time. That's how I got onto this.
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    grammar nazi comfort.jpg
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    I hope you don't think UPS pays time and a half or double time, because they're so nice and appreciative of us. That pay is from a union negotiated contract.
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    I thought I just heard a discouraging word!

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    You have got to be kidding. WTH. 30 years ago a lot of us picking up new years eve, Christmas eve, and Thanksgiving eve so that YOU can have a job. You are an entitled self obsorbed AS. Get a life. I have no pitty for you....
  13. Goldilocks

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  14. Goldilocks

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  15. Thats the problem I guess. I have one. And O M G.. You are a shoe in for management girl. And yes I am entitled to be with family and friends on special occasions. And not worshipping your almighty dollar. to be made by the powers that be sista. So good for u. And if your implying that I am not a hard working individual. You are sadly mistaking. No wonder this place cant organize
  16. And may you have a wonderful new year as well. ;)
  17. Brownslave688

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    Time and a half? Many of
    Us get double time. ;)
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    Me a shoe in, you got to be kidding, they hate me. I'm just saying this because I am a Courier that has been here too long and has seen the light. This is NOT a family friendly company. We, the EXPRESS DRIVERS, with 25 plus years know what I am talking about. We gave up our LIVES, OUR FAMILIES, for this company and for you, so that you can put food on your table. Thats it, God Bless You and Yours......Happy New Years....
  19. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    Beat me to it. Man I'm terrible with grammar and spelling but their there they're isnt a hard concept. Kinda like steward and stewart.
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    How do you know it wasn't suppose to be "FedEx taking care of three employees". Then you'd all be wrong.